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Cancy C

"It Gave Me An E-Grin From Ear To Ear."

1st ride was 20 miles from home & it gave me an E-Grin from ear to ear! With the speed, torque sensor and thudbuster, I was blown away!

Michael D

"Things Have Changed"

Los Burros road, Pacific Valley, Big Sur, CA. I tried to ride up this grade as a young flatbelly, but the best we could do was park one car at the bottom, and drive the bikes to the top. Now, things have changed.

Daird M


Being able to go faster than mosquitoes: PRICELESS!

Michael B

"The Smiles And Miles Continue."

Took my Stunner X on my first off-road ride...  The "Smiles & Miles" continue!  It was amazing! Handled the hills and bumps like a champ!

A Feeling Of Freedom

At first, Brenda was completely against the idea of an electric bike...
until she rode one for the first time.  Now, her and her husband are
riding more than ever and having a blast doing it! 

Brenda's knee injury no longer holds her back from exploring her beautiful community.  Watch the film to hear their story.

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A Swiss Army Knife of Bikes

Highly recommended if you want a Swiss Army knife of bikes! It's a beast and I enjoy it every time I ride - checks all my boxes and puts a smile on my face.

Thanks to Roshan and the team for a great package!"

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Changed My Life

"As far as I'm concerned the Biktrix Juggernaut is one of the best e-bikes you can buy. The experience matches the specs and won't disappoint. You can find cheaper bikes, but Biktrix knows what they're doing, and they're a great company to deal with both before and after purchasing. It's an awesome bike at a good price and I can't recommend it enough.

Overall I couldn't be happier I made the decision to order the Juggernaut. It hasn't been that long but it's already having a positive impact on my life."

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Stunner Step-Over 6
Marvin Unger
Faster than expected

I opted for the larger battery and still haven't gone beyond 2nd gear under power. It's quite quick.

Juggernaut FS XD - Reservation
Edgar Jelliff

Juggernaut FS XD - Reservation

Juggernaut ultra 2

Only had the bike out a couple of times. The weather has not been great here in April. Loving the bike so far. Time will tell. climbing hills and Head winds are a thing of the past. Looking forward to Summer.

Great change from original

Great buying experience. Fast shipping processing.
Cranks just like original BBS02 but shorter so work way better/comfortable for shorter person. Seem to be good quality. Reduce pedal hits.

Front Cargo Basket

The front cargo basket is great. It is a nice size. I put a cargo net on it and I can put a lot in it. The bike light was rubbing when I was riding the bike. I moved the light from the frame/fender to the front of the basket. It has worked our very well.

Canvas Pannier Bags
Tim Crawford

I like all the pockets that are zippered. Plenty of storage room. It was nice that they were on sale. I got the camo, they look great.

Juggernaut FS XD - Reservation
Shawn Evans

It was great

Challenger 2
Ric Pansky
Challenger 2 Purchase

Purchasing my Challenger 2 from Biktrix has been a very positive experience. I met them at the Alberta Bike show. Their quality ebikes present themselves very well. I ordered my Challenger 2 shortly after the show. It is assembled and sitting in my heated garage waiting for some mild weather for my first ride. The ebike is beautiful and I know I will get endless compliments. And, the quality is simply awesome and I know I will get lots of use out of it. Thank you Biktrix.

Battery mount for Reention Dorado Battery

The mount was perfect and shipped as promised. Glad to have it.

Enjoyable ride

Really enjoying my ride have only gotten bike in February. Riding only 5-10 km at a time. Shifts like a dream and all kinds of hill climbing power. Have the 4” tires they work well in snow and now it’s spring they handle well in soft ground. Disappointed in no Biktrix logo.

New Battery

I ordered a new extended range battery from Biktrix as I’m planning for a few extended day trips this summer. Curtis quickly got my order in and I was surprised and pleased that it was on sale for $200 off the regular price. It was shipped and got here quickly with no issues. Thanks Curtis and Biktrix!

Juggernaut FS XD - Reservation
Raymond Oliver

Waiting with anticipation for what's going to be a ride in heaven

Most awesome little cable

This cable is perfect. I wish everybody would make cables like this.

Gooseneck Adjustable 31.8mm Stem

Juggernaut FS XD - Reservation
Mickey Lessley
Finalizing order details

Would like info on how to complete ordering details, like color and any possible accessories available. And shipping dates.

Juggernaut FS XD - Reservation
Ryan Chouinard
Can’t wait!

Although the unfortunate setbacks with the fs step thru thefts, biktrix still trumps and offers more discounts on top quality bikes

Buy two derailleur hangers

Buy two or three, for the price of shipping to the USA you’ll be glad you did.

Reention Dorado Battery Mount Plate

Great battery mount plate. I haven't used it as yet, but it's well made and sturdy 5 stars to the manufacturer. I wouldn't hesitate to buy any other type of battery mounting plate or casing for my other blue batteries if available.
Thank You.

Canvas Pannier Bags
John Fullerton
My new Juggernaut ultra duo 2

First of all it was easy dealing with the staff at biktrix. After talking to them I felt comfortable in placing my order. When my bike came I was extremely happy to see such a quality bike. Looks incredible & assembly was a breeze as per vidio. It is still cold here in Nova Scotia but had it out twice. Wow I am 6"4 250 & my Juggernaut Ultra duo2 with the 1000watt mid drive moved me around like I was weightless. I didn't expect this much performance & it handled like a dream . Tight & responsive. Everything about the bike is good as it was well engineered .I am very happy with my bike & my dealing with a great Canadian company Biktrix who cares about there customers.
My girlfriend got jealous when she saw my bike so she bought a Biktrix Juggernaut Hub Duo step threw. We just put it together & like mine it was a breeze to as assembly, thanks to Biktrix easy to learn videos what a great great Bike.
Thanks to Biktrix we will enjoy some of Nova Scotia finest sea side trials.

The Best e-Bike on the market

Let’s start with how much I love QuietKat.
They make great e-bikes. They are a local business here in Colorado, and I love to support our business community
I don’t own any of them, because the base model of the Biktrix Juggernaut is better in every way.
I have my own that I ride constantly, and I’ve recommended and helped customize my sister’s, Fiancée’s, and 4 friends’ purchases.

Everything about Biktrix that I’ve encountered has been a big win for the customers.

One of my friends was ready to send his back to the company when things kept going wrong, but the support people helped us figure out the problem, and he was back on track as soon as the parts arrived.

I’m really happy to recommend people to Biktrix, not just because they are great bikes, but because they still do the work to make the whole experience worthwhile.

Adjustable stem

Item arrived in great shape, and a timely fashion. Thanks for the great service.

Kutty X 2
Roland Payment
Mrs. C. Payment

Great bike with good power and looks great. It would be nice to have a location to mount a water bottle. Did upgrade the saddle for more comfort. Easy to ride.

Best ebike headlight

Look if you ride at night a lot, you need this light it really makes such a huge
difference. It's designed to put light right where you really need it.. You wont
see any blind spots. And cars will see you coming from a miles away..
Oh some folks will say it's expensive.. Can You Put a Price on Safety...

I haven’t used it yet. It was a great deal. Thank you