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Cancy C

"It Gave Me An E-Grin From Ear To Ear."

1st ride was 20 miles from home & it gave me an E-Grin from ear to ear! With the speed, torque sensor and thudbuster, I was blown away!

Michael D

"Things Have Changed"

Los Burros road, Pacific Valley, Big Sur, CA. I tried to ride up this grade as a young flatbelly, but the best we could do was park one car at the bottom, and drive the bikes to the top. Now, things have changed.

Daird M


Being able to go faster than mosquitoes: PRICELESS!

Michael B

"The Smiles And Miles Continue."

Took my Stunner X on my first off-road ride...  The "Smiles & Miles" continue!  It was amazing! Handled the hills and bumps like a champ!

A Feeling Of Freedom

At first, Brenda was completely against the idea of an electric bike...
until she rode one for the first time.  Now, her and her husband are
riding more than ever and having a blast doing it! 

Brenda's knee injury no longer holds her back from exploring her beautiful community.  Watch the film to hear their story.

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A Swiss Army Knife of Bikes

Highly recommended if you want a Swiss Army knife of bikes! It's a beast and I enjoy it every time I ride - checks all my boxes and puts a smile on my face.

Thanks to Roshan and the team for a great package!"

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Changed My Life

"As far as I'm concerned the Biktrix Juggernaut is one of the best e-bikes you can buy. The experience matches the specs and won't disappoint. You can find cheaper bikes, but Biktrix knows what they're doing, and they're a great company to deal with both before and after purchasing. It's an awesome bike at a good price and I can't recommend it enough.

Overall I couldn't be happier I made the decision to order the Juggernaut. It hasn't been that long but it's already having a positive impact on my life."

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5 Mile Ride

Took a 5 mile ride today up hill, down hill, through creeks and mud. Went up some steep rocky hills in each PAS level and for the hills I was on PAS 3 was the best. Going uphill is much better than downhill. Coming downhill I was on both brakes most of the time so I could go slow enough to pick my path. If I let off the brakes it was like being on a run away horse. No problems crossing the shallow creeks. Did have the rear wheel slide a few times due to ground thawing. What normally took me 2 hours to hike probablly took 20 minutes to ride.

Battery Options
Patrick Douglas

Battery Options

Battery Options
rj schwandner
Great E-bike

Shipping on time great packaging. Customer service good

Excellent tires for ice and hard packed snow.

We ride 12 months a year thanks to studded tires. These come studded and ready to go.

Juggernaut Classic 9
Patrick Douglas
Love the bike. Support superb

I have clocked 28 miles the first week and feel like a kid again. Great workout for old man with knee surgery. Love that it rides like a real Mtn bike. Only issue is the crank arm came loose. Tightened it and after a couple mile loose again. Contacted support they requested a video and saw it was missing a part. They are sending the part and tools to fix it.

Stunner Step-Thru 6
rj schwandner
Well made bike

The shipping was on time packaging was excellent.
I talked to Mathew in service and parts in which he had excellent knowledge, and I had the information I needed promptly.
This is the bike that I have been wanting mid drive 750 W good amp hour battery, internal rear hub gearing.
What’s not to like about the bike ( nothing ) .
Great bike.

Extend Protection Plan - Electric Mobility
Judy Oswald

I received the part and was told it was under warranty.
Thanks for sending that

Juggernaut Ultra Beast
Lon Sutherland

I haven't been able to ride it or it take me for a spin. 2 foot of snow here in Wisconsin looking forward to the first chance.

Challenger 2
Stephen Narron
Looking very "5 Star"!!

Need more time, but looking very "5 Star" promising!!

Monte Capro Lite
Kenneth Baker
Beyond Expectations

I've owned a Juggernaut Ultra FS for a while and love the bike. I saw Biktrix's end of year discounts and decided ot add a Monte Capro Lite. I have less that 100 miles on the MC Lite, but so far I am extreamly pleased. I have been riding on 4" tires for so long that riding this bike with it's knobby 3" tires is like suddenly having power steering. And the suspension really smooths out the bumps and tree roots on my ride. The bike is gorgous standing still and so much fun to ride,

Biktrix GP2 Comfort Grips

Swift Lite 3 Step-Thru
Marge Mieszcak
Couldn’t be happier

Where was this bike all my life? I absolutely love it!

Juggernaut XD Duo
joseph Becht
Great little machine

The boys have it done themselves over and biktrix, with in-house engineering, sales, marketing, and packaging. It’s the whole enchilada.

Juggernaut Classic Duo Step-Over
Dave Rockwell (update)
Update 2.0

It's been 2 months and 500 miles, bike is holding up great. Power is great, I feel 750 watt is plenty. Not crazy powerful, just enough for long rides and off road action. I didn't want a moped. Did beef up the derailleur, but not a big deal, I wanted to make sure I could push this bike hard if needed without damage. Customer service has been excellent with any questions I have had. For an ebike with this set up and components this is the one in this price range. With so many new companies coming out so quickly I'm pretty sure Biktrix is going to be around awhile.

Juggernaut XD Duo
Cheryl M Powell

My bike arrived in a damaged box, there is front end damage and I have not been able to ride it yet. Waiting for a call from tech support to see what can be done

Extension Mount

Made of very high quality metal. It is not huge so look at dimensions before buying. Works great for me!

Skyline Helmets
Ben Bedard
Epic Snow Trip

As soon as I got my bike I was dying to try it out cause it looked so cool but it was snowing. The next day I couldn't help it and headed to a beautiful mountain trail called Aspin Loop in Utah. At first I was hesitant on how it would handle the snow but the bike crushed it and I was off on my adventure. I was able to enjoy that same outdoorsy quiet feel and with the added speed to see a ton of epic views. I'm a big outdoorsy guy and can't wait to make ebiking a new part of my life.

Good Purchase

The stunner X6 makes a big hill on my commute feel like butter. I had never used an e-bike before - it’s heavier and more powerful than I was used to. But, it’s a lot of fun and the fenders / big tires help for bad weather days. Thanks to Brooklyn from the support team!

Great grips

Easy install, very comfortable, finished off my bike.

Cadence Sensor
Eric Whitney
So far so good!

My cadence sensor on my Juggernaut HD duo really helps getting up hills! It’s been Below Zero here this week and I only have 13 miles on my bike, but I absolutely love it so far! Beware because if you have it on the fourth or fifth level, the power is amazing. On level three out of the five levels seems to work the best with the cadence sensor. Plus I got this bike up to 43 mph on a flat Road!

A great way to further customize your ride.

I want to become familiar with the bafang motor before I develop a custom throttle. It's great to have all these customizations!

Nico Bike Bell
jeanette caddell

bike is really nice, but i should have bought a size smaller, my mistake
really good bike

Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3 Step-Over Review

For this review I will cover 3 things
The bike itself
The range extender
The pannier bags

The bike itself is great, although it's so heavy it feels like a tank.
I am a big guy and weigh approx 340lbs so I needed a bike that handles my weight. The Jugg Ultra duo 3 easily handles this. Once you are mounted it feels like a normal bike and handles well. I have to 4" fat tires, which are new to me, but make gravel roads a piece of cake. I do wish there was an option on the Biktrix shopping site that optionally includes something like tuff-liners to be added before the tubes are put in. Or maybe a tubeless option. As it is the tires are vunerable to flats.
Assisted peddling and a throttle are new to me, and boy it is awesome. You can feel the endorfins without being exhausted too. I like that. My biggest wish is for an option to have a bigger front crank. I find that when using the smallest gear and the high-end of my cadence the speed tops out about 20 mph. I would really like to go faster than 20 without having to peddle like crazy. I'm used to many gears from my other bikes. There isn't much I would change on the bike but this is definitely one of them.
I found I like a peddle assist of 3 being the most comfortable, spoiled already.
From my limited riding, I love the bike. It truly does open up the world to you.

The bike rack is a heavy thing, the bars seem thicker than another one I have on my recumbant, my old paniers (from a different bike) do not fit well due to the bar diameter. I did spend $100 on the offered panniers. I am sorry I bought them. The mounting depends on straps only and that is a big disappointment. You need top hooks over the bars and a lower hook for the bottom to make them solidly mounted. Hand tightened straps are never solid and will work loose. I don't like that. If I was smart I would have looked for other alternatives.

More options I wish for:
A mirror would be great.
A cell phone holder would be nice...maybe not viable due to so many variations.

Canecreek Thudbuster seat post
I spent another $150 on short-travel seat post. I really, really regret that. That is because the seat attachment assembly is a poor design. It's insane for one person to reassemble if it ever comes apart. New bikes always involve at least 100 seat adjustments to get dialed in to max comfort. Between height, tilt, forward or back rail adjustments, it takes a while to get right. Unfortunately, the assembly is finicky and the whole thing (my entire weight) depends on the robustness of a single bolt that is not big enough for the job. Plus you have to torque the crap out of it to keep it from rotating, there are no friction guards (teeth) to keep that from happening. So when going down the road at 20 or so and with a little uneven terrain, bounces will almost certainly rotate the seat tilt out of position. You can readjust in the field, but not well so your ride is compromised. (you can't really get the torque you need from a portable multi-hex tool). The normal seat post (thankfully was shipped with the bike) has a much better design. A bigger bolt and small gear teeth that mesh together to prevent tilting. Easier to slide forward or backward on the seat rails so you can position as good as can be had. So the Thudbuster is a bust for me.

Range Extender
For me, the range extender is essential. With my weight I need the extra juice for range. I don't know what my max range is but it's a lot less than 100 miles. It is a variable depending how much I use the throttle and peddle assist level. I would hope for 50 miles but I'm pretty sure it's closer to 40. That being said, I have no regrets using the throttle or higher assist. It's just way too much fun.

With the exceptions mentioned above, I have no regrets purchasing this bike and plan to put a great many miles on it.

Great bike

Really enjoying my first e-bike, the Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3. Very well built bike. Only have 15 miles on it but looking forward to putting many more on it. No complaints at this point.

Stunner LT 6 Large
jeanette caddell
great bike

we really like this bike
we need to know how soon we can get a stunner Lt medium as soon as possible