Our Story

It all started with D.I.Y. electric bike builds in the garage. Today, Biktrix has become one of the fastest-growing electric bike companies in the world...

Building Biktrix

Roshan Thomas, CEO and Founder, was looking for an easy way to commute to work in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. As an avid DIY’er and motorcyclist, Roshan spent a lot of time rebuilding vintage motorcycles. Annoyed with a carburetor on one of the gas-powered motorcycles that he was working on, Roshan was determined to build himself an electric motorcycle. After basic research, he soon discovered that an e-motorcycle would be cost-prohibitive to build.

During this time, Roshan was travelling to Europe frequently and had a chance to ride an eBike on one of his trips. Impressed by how well they worked, he decided to build his own electric bike. He built two bikes with conversion kits that were available in Asia. Though they were far from perfect, Roshan was getting a lot of attention riding around town and it soon became clear that there was a demand for electric fat bikes.

Kickstart it

In 2014 Roshan launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Juggernaut - one of the only 750W mid-drive eBikes in the market at the time.

The campaign was very successful and it propelled Biktrix from a one-man conversion kit operation into an online direct-to-consumer premium electric bike company.

Incredible growth

Biktrix has far outgrown Roshan’s garage. We currently operate from our centrally located headquarters in Saskatoon where the bikes are assembled and shipped. We also have multiple showrooms across western Canada.

Though we are increasing in size, we are still more nimble than the competition. We use customer feedback to improve our bikes with each iteration. This enables us to stay years ahead of our competitors and bring the latest and greatest technology to our customers. The Juggernaut series of bikes are now in their 9th generation while the Stunner is in its 7th iteration.

We've Got The Dream Team

Within just a few years, Biktrix has expanded to more than 50 employees including mechanics, logistics specialists, customer support agents, research and development personnel, e-commerce experts, and bike enthusiasts.

With responsive and honest service and support, we’re building Biktrix to offer the best customer experience in the eBike industry. We are passionate about eBikes and about making every interaction a positive experience for our riders.

Built To Order

All Biktrix bikes can be customized by our customers. This is a feature unique to Biktrix, as the bikes are indeed assembled and shipped from Canada.

Biktrix remains the only bike company in North America that ships eBikes by air, across the US, direct to the customer.

Enjoyed By Thousands

We have a diverse range of customers including students commuting to school, professionals commuting to work, and baby boomers interested in riding but wanting a little extra kick in case they run out of energy.

We ship worldwide and have done business with customers as far away as Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, France, Israel, Jordan, and Dubai.