Upgrade your eBike's drive system with a star ratchet hub manufactured by Wren Sports. Designed to excel in high-torque situations with powerful mid-drive motor eBikes. Available in 32 hole and 36 hole variants and can be set up for 190mm or 197mm rear-ends.

What is a star ratchet hub?

A star ratchet hub is a robust and reliable hub design which distributes the load of your eBike's motor across 36 points-of-contact opposed to the 4-6 points-of-contact on a pawl based hub.

This addresses a common point of failure for many regular hubs where the pawls will break or strip the race in the hub causing the power to no longer be transferred to the rear wheel. The even distribution of power between the star ratchet teeth ensures a smooth and reliable drivetrain.

No Tool Construction

The star ratchet hub can be assembled and disassembled with no tools, resulting in easy access to bearings, freehub body replacements,  and configuration between 190m and 197mm.


Axle 12mm Thru-Axle
Freehub HG Style
Cassette Compatibility 11 Speed
Width 190mm/197mm
Spoke Count 32/36

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Murphy
Wren hubs

Wren hubs are the way to go with powerful e-bikes.

8000 w

200 Amps down low, this Wren Kit is Fn crazy strong ...

Just get it,.

I hooked this up to a POWERFUL mid-drive. ZERO issues. Im running a CYC X1 PRO GEN 2 Kit. 72v 5000W. This hub handles it.

lenardo leduc

I haven’t tried it yet

Frank Belley
Wren Hub

Great for to replace the OEM unit. Warranty service was excellent

juan zendejas

Would you believe I am still struggling to have this rear hub installed on my Juggernaut fs 1000? This upgraded rear hub you suggested is a night mare. Very expensive. Spokes have to be replaced. Very expensive to replace. No guarantee it will work. I don't understand why I was put in this situation. When my ebike was under warranty this part was replaced for the original and easy to replace. Not this part. Very disappointed!!