Biktrix A-Bars

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The Biktrix A-Bars are a cruiser-style handlebar upgrade for our Juggernaut line of eBikes. The swept-back design provides an upright riding position with multiple comfortable hand positions so you can enjoy further and more frequent rides!

Includes extra-long grips.

Fits bikes with a 31.8mm clamping area.

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Customer Reviews

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Mr Goodbar

A nice bar if you want some setback. My only complaint - threaded screw holes, I’m guessing for mounting headlight, but no screws came with it.

Great bars

I wasn't sure what to expect from these. I prefer a more upright riding posture. These bars are exactly what I needed. And they look awesome on the bike. I have gotten a few compliments on them in the first week I've had the bike.

great item

i love them they are great

A-Bars get N A

We upgraded our 2 1000 pro's to A-Bars. Let's you ride in a comfortable position. Also has a lot of room to mount accessories.


Absolutely love the bike so far. Exceeded my expectations in terms of quality all around. Upgraded to 4 piston Magura brakes for my hilly area, Armageddon light and A bars for comfort. If you’re considering a mid drive and want lots of power to climb with, don’t sleep on these bikes. I’ve also had great customer service. Happy and safe riding out there!

Juggernaut Ultra 1000

I couldn’t be more happy with the service or product with my buying experience of my Jug 1k. When so many companies had long wait times, I ordered my bike, with upgrades and had it in EIGHT days, from Saskatchewan to Seattle. I was shopping for an upgrade to replace my RAD commuter- wanted more power & torque for hills as well as overall component quality. My bike arrived in perfect condition and when I found a stripped bolt (which didn’t affect performance) and reported it, they expedited a replacement. Biktrix is a truly customer obsessed company and I have nothing but positive feedback for their product and service. I’m looking forward to many years of running this bike and will buy my next one from them as well. I can’t wait to see what future evolutions Biktrix brings to the ebike world! -a VERY happy customer.


Biktrix A-Bars

The “A-bars” get an “A” for added flexibility & comfort!

These bars offer a more swept-back alternative to the flat MTB style bars, so there’s a more relaxed upright biking position, PLUS added handle bar “real estate” for mounting lights, phone or a handlebar bag.

Biktrix Jaguarnaut HD Duo

I love this bike. I am a big guy close to 350lbs and I was shopping for a bike that would support my weight. I purchased this bike because this supported close 450 pounds. I have already taken the bike on long trails and the best part is I don't have to worry about the battery draining out. I did a 40mile bike ride on pedal assist 1 all way and maybe 2 on a climb. I had almost 50 percentage battery remaining. Highly recommend the bike.