Biktrix A-Bars

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The Biktrix A-Bars are a cruiser-style handlebar upgrade for our Juggernaut line of eBikes. The swept-back design provides an upright riding position with multiple comfortable hand positions so you can enjoy further and more frequent rides!

Fits bikes with a 31.8mm clamping area.

Customer Reviews

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Demeter Kraaij

What are you talking about. I have had no notification that my bike has been dispatched and if this just about the A bars all that has happened is that you’ve taken 2 months to supple them to a workshop.

Tee Bowman
Great bike

What a thrill!!

Jerry Kroll
My cruiser bars

Put set of these bars on my UltraDuo 3. Love the beach style for the upright riding position

Steven McCrorie
Biktrix A-Bars

Great bars for cruiser style riding. Very comfortable sweep. Would definitely buy again.

Michael Hubbert

Biktrix A-Bars

Bill in Grass Valley
A-Bars ?

I purchased my A-Bars for my Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra 1000 from Amazon. I did not realize that Biktrix A-bars and Amazon A-bars would be different. ( Satori Falcon AERO Mountain Bike Bicycle Aluminium Alloy Handlebar - 31.8x740mm - 15 Degree Sweep Back ) vs
(Biktrix Sweep Back is not known and 31.8 x 730mm Aluminium Alloy ) Both look mostly the same, but the Satori are slightly wider. Both are cruiser style and allow the rider to experience a more upright riding experience. I purchased these because I am old with a disability (spinal cord injury) from service in Vietnam. I ride comfortably now and enjoy the mild exercise I get. They take the stress off
your wrists, arms, and shoulders. A-bars are a must for me and they might give you a better riding experience.

Robert DenHerder

The bikes are huge and I was told by Indigo that it was a dual battery didn’t realize it wasn’t The stronger light mechanization was so tight that the insulation started coming of off the wiring. Will know this weekend for a test drive to see what handle bars work. Thanks

John Thomas
A Bars

My wife and I are so pleased with our decision to add the A bars to our hub duo bikes. At our ages (mid-late 60’s) they make our rides more comfortable than what the stock bars would have provided. And, the added bonus of having more room for our “stuff” is also of great benefit.

Martha Cassell
Biktrix A-Bars

If you want more of an up right ride these are perfect. Sit up straight and take the stress off your arms wrists and shoulders.