Best Heavy Duty eBikes

Best Heavy Duty eBikes

The Best Heavy Duty eBikes

Electric bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you want one for particularly arduous use or if you’re quite heavy yourself, you need to choose one that’s capable of withstanding the strains and stresses.

Choosing a heavy-duty eBike requires a certain amount of care. You want to be sure you get one that will do the job, especially if you sometimes carry extra cargo or have a child on the back.

Factors to Consider for Heavy Duty EBikes

Buying an electric bike for heavy-duty use doesn’t mean just selecting one because it looks ‘chunky’. You’ll need to carefully consider certain factors:

  • The frame needs to be strong with large section joints and plenty of weld to hold the elements together. For full suspension frames, most of the weight will be over the rear suspension and this needs to be capable of providing enough resistance to avoid causing damage by bottoming out. Most reputable bike brands will have sufficiently strong frames.
  • If you’re expecting to carry a lot of weight on your eBike, you need sufficient power to do it. A large hub motor that is geared properly and has a high NM torque rating will generally be enough while mid-drives can leverage gears over various speeds to move loads. If you’re covering long distances, you also need a battery of at least 500 Wh and possibly 1,000 Wh or more for longer journeys. A spare battery may also be useful.
  • Comfort is essential on any ebike for heavy riders. So look for a wide seat and seat rails that will isolate stress from body weight. Some models have a suspension seatpost while others allow the spring or elastomer to be changed to a harder one.
  • Strong wheel rims, wide tires and thicker spokes will help to spread the load and provide strength for heavy weights. Wide tires also help with stability and grip.
  • Heavy riders may put more force through the pedals so heavy-duty pedals will prevent the pedal axles from snapping. Hub gears are also better than derailleurs since they’re more robust and low maintenance.
  • Since heavier ebike riders may go faster, hydraulic brakes are preferable and give more stopping power.

Choosing the Best Heavy Duty eBike

At Biktrix, we provide a range of custom eBikes to suit different purposes and riders. Ones that are best for heavy, hardcore eBike riders include:

Juggernaut Classic 9 is an entry-level all-terrain electric bike.

Juggernaut Classic Duo has a 750W mid-drive motor and is available in step-over or step-thru versions.

Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro is a powerful fat tire mid-drive motor ebike and optional range extender battery for heavy duty electric bike riders.

Our carbon fiber electric bike series - Monte Capro Lite is a full-suspension bike that you would enjoy during heavy duty use.


    There’s a full description of each of these heavy duty electric bikes so you can find out If one is suitable for you. We also have a Help Me Choose facility that suggests suitable bikes for your particular needs and characteristics. If you still can’t choose, get in touch and we’ll give you all the advice you require to ensure you get the right direct to consumer ebike.

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