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7 Products Found

Mid-Drive Fat Tire Electric Bike

Every electric bike from Biktrix is custom built to order according to your requirements and requests. We offer some of the best value for money in the eBike industry, with best-in-class spec to price ratio and top-quality electric bikes for all situations. You’ll get warranty on your bike and one year warranty on electrics, alongside access to our direct support team for all your needs, whether you need help with assembly or you’re experiencing an issue with your Biktrix eBike.

Why Choose Mid-Drive eBike?

When it comes to eBikes, you essentially have two motor options, hub-drive or mid-drive. Hub motors are placed in the center of the wheel and are the most common option, while mid-drive motors are closer to the center of the bicycle, allowing for transfer of the motor’s power through the chain drive. This type of motor is becoming more popular recently, but is it right for you?

There are pros and cons to both motor options, which means it really depends on your own preferences which one is best for you. There are several advantages that mid-drive bikes have over hub-drive. They’re better for hills, climbing steeper hills for longer periods than hub-motors are capable of. They’re also usually smaller and lighter and allow you to use the torque sensors eBike pedal assist system, which means your ride is smoother. Changing the tire is easier and you have access to a greater range of tire options.

Some reasons why you might consider hub-drive instead include the fact that they’re cheaper and that they’re easier to maintain.

Why Choose a Fat Tire eBikes?

Okay, so you’ve chosen a motor, but what about the wheels? Carbon electric bike with fat tires are excellent for hardcore applications in a range of settings, designed to tackle snow, sand, rain and hard terrain. This makes them the perfect choice for hardcore eBike riders who want to ride during all seasons or get off the trail while they’re out mountain biking, but fat tires are usually not recommended for everyday transportation. Regular wheels will serve you better there. Luckily for you, at Biktrix we offer several models with different wheel options and where the wheels can be switched out depending on usage.

Why Choose Biktrix for Your Mid Drive Fat Tire eBike?

If you’re looking for a fat tire electric bike with a 1000W mid-drive motor, we’ll have an option for you at Biktrix. Choosing one of our bikes guarantees that you get a top-quality bike and great value for your money. With our customization options, you can also make sure your bike meets all your requirements exactly. Benefit from our excellent customer support. They can help with everything from helping you choose your bike to help with maintenance and troubleshooting even or if you're looking to buy eBikes in Colorado Springs. Our bikes have the largest battery capacities and best spec-to-price ratios in the industry. When you need an eBike, choose Biktrix. Read Less

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