Juggernaut DUO Ultra Step-Thru CUSTOMIZER

​✔️ ​1000W Bafang Ultra M620 Mid-drive Motor
​✔️ ​160Nm of torque for easy to moderate hills
​✔️ ​300lb load capacity*
​✔️ ​On-Demand throttle makes pedaling optional
​✔️ ​Cadence+Torque sensor makes pedal assist smooth and powerful
​✔️ ​Includes 52V 17.5Ah 910Wh internal battery + charger
✔️ Shipping in August 2021
✔️ July batch has been sold out


 Most Powerful Torque Sensor Electric Bike On The Market Today. Bafang Ultra M620

* Weight capacity depends on the fork you select

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