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Juggernaut Ultra FS

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The best-built full-suspension eBike there is

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I wanted an ebike with enough power to pull a loaded game cart through mud in Texas hill country. Meets expectations and they were high.”
- Cliff

Juggernaut Ultra FS

Top-of-the-line components and the most powerful torque sensored mid-drive motor in the industry make the Juggernaut Ultra FS eBike the best-built full-suspension electric bike available.

all the good stuff, and more.

Bafang M620 Ultra Mid-Drive System

The Bafang M620 system features the G510 motor with over 1500 watts of peak power, 160Nm of torque and torque sensing assist. This allows you to span cities, climb hills, and explore all the places you want to go with ease.

Rear Suspension

The rear suspension features a whopping 100mm of travel and Compression and Rebound adjustment with the Rockshox Air shock.

Biktrix Inverted Front Suspension

Our suspension fork features 100mm of travel, preload, and lockout. Or upgrade to a Wren Inverted Suspension Fork.

SRAM NX 11-Speed Transmission

Whether climbing steep hills or holding maximum speed on the flats, our SRAM 11-speed has you covered.

3" or 4" Fat Tires

Whether you're up against sand, mud or snow, these tires will handle it with ease. The Juggernaut HD is ready for all-season, all-terrain riding.

Tektro E-350 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

When it's so easy to go fast, you need strong stopping power. These disc brakes will swiftly and reliably bring you to a halt.

Removable 48V Lithium-Ion Battery

Our removable battery system offers unmatched convenience for re-charging. With the twist of a key, your battery can be brought inside and set to charge. We offer a variety of battery capacity options, each providing a different amount of range.

LCD Display With Control Pad & Thumb Throttle

The LCD Display shows you all kinds of important information about your ride including speed, battery life, range, odometer, pedal assist level and more. The throttle provides immediate power with the push of your thumb.

Front & Rear Lights

Front and rear lights will make you visible to others at night, and keep your path illuminated.

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

1 Effective Top Tube Length 620mm 24.4in
2 Seat Tube Length (Classic Bike Size) 420mm 16.5in
3 Reach 460mm 18.1in
4 Stack 580mm 22.8in
5 Chainstay Length 480mm 18.9in
6 Standover Height 730mm 28.7in
7 Head Angle 64° -
8 Seat Angle 73° -
9 Head Tube Length 150 mm 5.9 in
10 Fork Length 570mm 22.4in
11 Front Center 790mm 31.1in
12 BB (Bottom Bracket) Drop 30mm 1.2in
13 Fork Offset 30mm 1.2in
14 Wheelbase 1240mm 48.8in
15 Total Length 1940mm 76.4in
16 Max Seat Height 1060mm 41.7in
17 Min Seat Height 910mm 35.8in
18 Handlebar Height 1080mm 42.5in
19 Weight (Without Battery) 29kg 63.9lb
1 Effective Top Tube Length 620mm 24.4in
2 Seat Tube Length (Classic Bike Size) 410mm 16.1in
3 Reach 460mm 18.1in
4 Stack 580mm 22.8in
5 Chainstay Length 490mm 19.3in
6 Standover Height 790mm 31.1in
7 Head Angle 71° -
8 Seat Angle 75° -
9 Head Tube Length 150 mm 5.9 in
10 Fork Length 580mm 22.8in
11 Front Center 815mm 32.1in
12 BB (Bottom Bracket) Drop 80mm 3.1in
13 Fork Offset 30mm 1.2in
14 Wheelbase 1300mm 51.2in
15 Total Length 2020mm 79.5in
16 Max Seat Height 1120mm 44.1in
17 Min Seat Height 960mm 37.8in
18 Handlebar Height 1080mm 42.5in
19 Weight (Without Battery) 30.6kg 67.5lb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 243 reviews
Christoph Gschossmann
Juggernaut fs pro 3

I love the bike lots of power and it’s a lot of fun riding

Douglas Gedak
Simply Astonishing

Super happy with the quality of my new bike. I took to the steepest city path hill, I was astonished at the true strength and ease the climb was. My previous e-bike could not make it.

Chris Robertson
Frank the Tank

Bike is really nice! A bit heavy. Could use a bit more speed! Nice Bike

Rudolf Würfl
Great bike

Till now i only drove on asphalt roads, this was really great.
The following weeks i will Test it on gravel and Im sure that the bike is also great there.

Meredith Eisner

Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 3

Ultra FS is a lot of fun

I fell I am on a monster truck and nothing can stop me. This bike is a tank. 110% understand why it is named juggernaut. Bike is rated 265 but I am over 300lbs. I am achieving acceptable SAG in rear and front suspension with air at maximum recommended by manufacturers. I love it. All my friends want one.

Guy Getchius
Super fun

Love this bike, so far it's been amazing, fat tires and dual suspension gives amazing ride and handling. Went for offset tires and maneuverability is really amazing. I upgraded brakes and very glad I did, pretty heavy bike and really gets going. Motor and battery are really great so far, gone on 8 10-15mi rides so far using pedal assist and battery still plenty of charge, only using throttle to start at road crossings. Only complaint is I don't have a bike rack, and theres no way to break it down enough to get into my car :( sad cause I'd love to take it on a short vacation I'm going on.

Stephen McMillan

Massive bike. Those tires! Only ride for a week but it’s a comfortable ride. The gears change well and I have seated the brakes and am happy with them.I did get the brake upgrade . Nice to have the assist uphill.

Eric Mason
Awesome ebike!

I have about 250 miles on it so far. I've mostly have used it as a commuter to and from work.But I also have taken it off road on some high alpine jeep roads in the San Juan mountains in Southern Colorado. It was a blast. The roads are steep and it made it up every time. Glad I purchased this bike.

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