Wireless Tail Light with Brake Light, Turn Signal & Anti Theft Alarm

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Sale price $40.00
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Enhance your eBike's safety and visibility with the Wireless Brake Light with Turn Signal & Anti Theft Alarm. This 5-in-1 bike taillight is designed to protect both the vehicle and the rider. With its light and sound warning system, it effectively reminds other drivers and pedestrians of your presence on the road. The warning light automatically illuminates when passing through tunnels or during night rides, ensuring that you are always visible. The brake light feature is designed to immediately highlight when you brake or slow down, providing an extra level of safety.

Additionally, the electric bell can be easily activated with the remote control on the handlebar, alerting others to your presence. For added security, the remote control can be detached and armed when parking, deterring thieves with a loud alarm sound and blinking light.

The taillight is made from PC+ anti-UV material, making it waterproof, dustproof, and resistant to high and low temperatures, ensuring its durability in various weather conditions. With power-saving technology, the standby time of the host is up to 4~8 months, and the remote control can last up to 3~5 months on a single charge.

Technical Specifications


Brake Light, Turn Signal, Multiple Light Patterns, Bell, Alarm

Power Supply

Rechargable 2000mAh Battery

Light Usage on one charge

Up to 70 hours

Charging Port


Light Brightness

600 Lumen

Alarm Volume

110 dB


IP65 Waterproof, Low Power Prompt, Handlebar Mounted Remote Control


Bike Name Compatible
All Biktrix eBikes
Other eBikes
Any other bikes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Patrick N
Improved safety

I had to adjust by saddle up, so that the light would clear the rear rack, but I actually find my ride better after the adjustment.

Some of the routes that I take are on surface streets, and it is nice being able to signal my intention to turn. The audible signal alert is useful when pedestrians are standing nearby and it draws their attention as I approach to turn. On my first ride, this prevented a couple from stepping out in front of me from the sidewalk at a corner.

The horn already proved useful on my first ride as a motorist opened their door, I was able to alert them as I approached quickly, and they waited until I passed before stepping out of their car.

I like the added security of the alarm function because I am nervous about leaving my Stunner X unattended for long periods.

Another review suggested compatibility with the wired light system existing on the bike. I second that. It would be nice to have it integrate with my brake light, rather than rely on motion, plus control of my headlight from the controller would be useful.

Overall, it was a good purchase.

Stuart Arkett
Awesome out of the box

Not riding season here yet, but went through all the features, amazing! Can't wait to try it on the bike.

Robert H.
Great idea..could use some refinement

The light is a great idea, however in retrospect I would like to see you integrate the features in to bike’s existing light. This light requires a second switch to turn on the tail light, plus needs to be removed from the bike for charging. Removing the original light leaves an uncapped wire dangling, which will corrode and easily be damaged. So why not use the existing wiring to keep the battery charged, and just add the switch to remote control the turn signals and alarm?