SeaThe Thudbuster seat-post from Cane Creek is the most effective and versatile suspension seat-post available. Parallel-link technology provides a clear advantage in traction, comfort, and control without sacrificing performance. Medium firm elastomer is pre-installed from the factory. 

Thudbuster ST G4 (Short Travel)

  • Travel 50mm (1.97")
  • Weight 580g
  • Minimum Extension 100mm (3.94")
  • Diameter 27.2mm
  • Elastomers: Medium installed, Firm and Soft Included
  • Max Rider Weight: 330lbs / 150kg

Thudbuster LT G4 (Long Travel)

  • Travel 90mm (3.54")
  • Weight 750g
  • Minimum Extension 146mm (5.75")
  • Diameter 27.2mm
  • Elastomers: Medium Firm installed
  • Max Rider Weight: 250lbs / 113kg