SeaThe Thudbuster seat-post from Cane Creek is the most effective and versatile suspension seat-post available. Parallel-link technology provides a clear advantage in traction, comfort, and control without sacrificing performance. Medium firm elastomer is pre-installed from the factory. 

Thudbuster ST G4 (Short Travel)

  • Travel 50mm (1.97")
  • Weight 580g
  • Minimum Extension 100mm (3.94")
  • Diameter 27.2mm
  • Elastomers: Medium installed, Firm and Soft Included
  • Max Rider Weight: 330lbs / 150kg

Thudbuster LT G4 (Long Travel)

  • Travel 90mm (3.54")
  • Weight 750g
  • Minimum Extension 146mm (5.75")
  • Diameter 27.2mm
  • Elastomers: Medium Firm installed
  • Max Rider Weight: 250lbs / 113kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Clint Wood
Smoother Rides

I use my bike for commuting and running high PSI in the tires can make for a harsh ride. This helps to eliminate some of the harshness. If you are doing a lot of riding then consider it, however if you only ride occasionally and for shorter trips I may suggest saving your $200+

Jacques Braconnier

Awesome Bike. Road it today for 4 hours. Love my new bike!!!

Bruce Alexander
Thudbuster Suspension

I am not able to review the Thudbuster as I am still awaiting delivery of my Juggernaut.

Carol Roque
Return Policy

Never used it. The original post works well. HOWEVER, when we went to return it they refused saying they don’t take returns. We are now out $ 245.00. 😖

John Bones
Be sure to Pick the right post length

Like the Thudbuster a lot, but had to use it for my partner’s bike because I ordered what turned out to be too short a stem for mine, and there’s a no return policy.

Bill 5690
Great mod for my eBike

I ordered a Biktrix Ultra trio eBike with the Thudbuster seat post. It really helps smooth out the bumps. This seatpost is very different than the cheaper ones. The cheaper ones try to dampen the up and down movement but the Thudbuster converts this energy into a forward and backward movement that is very effective. I would add this upgrade to any eBike I would buy.

Steven Hill
Give your butt a break!

It’s not a rear shock absorber, but it smooths out and makes your butt happy when you hit Sharp bumps, dips, crevices, and other unpleasant road inconveniences that you can do without. So do without them. Be a stud, and get a ‘buster. It’s not cheap, but the money will be forgotten and your rides will be more enjoyable.

Michael Sautter
You guys are AWESOME

You guys absolutely crushed it. From deciding on what bikes to buy, to delivery of bikes in the time frame stated, to easy assembly, and them to an awesome riding experience Biktrix was definitely the right choice. I would absolutely recommend biktrix to anyone looking to buy an E bike. We bought two juggernaut classic duo step-thru bikes. They are incredible! They ride well even without power boost, and our awesome in power mode. The options to change bars,seats battery size, is also a plus.

Ken Peters

Love it.