Lock and Key Set for Hidden Battery (SYR006)

Sale price $60.00
Sale price $60.00
Shipping: Leaves within 6-7 business days


Lose or damage your eBike's key or lock? Get a replacement set and return to riding! This lock and key set is compatible with the Stunner X6, Juggernaut FS Pro, and Duo series of Biktrix eBikes.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (W x L x H)

3' x 3' x 3.5'


0.035 kg


2 Included

Mounting Screws

Not Included


Bike Name Compatible
Juggernaut Hub Duo
Juggernaut Classic Duo
Juggernaut Ultra Duo 1/2/3/4/Pro
Juggernaut HD Duo
Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 1/2/3
Juggernaut XD Duo
Stunner X 6

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Douglas Reitinger
duo bike lock

re-install went extremely well, good fitment and operation. One trick I learned right away was to remove the front wheel and work on the bike upside down.

Vitali Bechthold


Kenneth Grove
Need a better idea

I lost my keys for battery. Unfortunately the only remedy is to buy a whole new lock set. Why doesnt Biktrix have a registry where all you do is provide the serial number off the bike and the number off the lock cylinder and WALLA! A NEW KEY? 115 DOLLARS! NUTS!