Swift Lite ST 2

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This item has been replaced!

Want the latest version? Check out the Swift Lite 3 Step-Thru!

Swift Lite 3 Step-Thru

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Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Ray Baylis

Great bike with awesome features and low cost.

Heather Derdall

Everything went very smooth 😊

Tanya Y

We love the bikes! So much fun!

Wonderful commute bike!

This bike is great for my needs. I have about a 10 km commute to work so it responses perfectly to my needs. I can do all of my errands on it in a good radius, and drag my kids in my little cart or add-on giraffe bike for my eldest.

Battery has a decent charge for short rides, especially if you peddle. I barely use the assist unless I am really tired.

Easy to put together, beautiful yellow color.

The only downside is I had to find a subtle place to put my Tile tracker! Such a non-issue ;) !

I'm using this way more than I thought and enjoying every minute!

Brenda Felske
Front shock absorbers

When riding the bike the front shock absorbers bottom out of you hit a bump

Stewart Dunkley
Loving our new rides!

Our Swift Lite 3 bikes came well packaged, no damages and were very easy to assemble. These are our first E Bikes so there was a small learning curve for us as seniors but we have found them easy to ride, balance and light enough to move around. The only complaints are the controller screen is hard to see with sun glasses on and the PAS buttons are a little small and located on the bottom edge. I think we will get used to them but it is now November so riding days will be limited.

Perry Jorgenson
Happy with our purchases

Just finally took our bikes out today for the first time. Loved them, smooth ride and lots of power.

Lucille St-Laurent

Je déplore le servivce à la clientèle en langue anglaise seulement!!

Sandra and Paul Melanson
Nice bike , well made, works great

After a 20 minute ride to adjust the seat height and handle bar angle everything is perfect. Shifts smoothly and accurately. The display surprised me it was colored! Motor is strong for 350w, you don't need more . Happy with purchase. Too bad the $500 government rebate does not apply to online orders.