Stunner X 6

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This item has been replaced!

Looking for the spiritual successor to the Stunner X? Check out the Juggernaut Classic Duo Step-Thru!

Juggernaut Classic Duo Step-Thru
750W Mid-Drive

Motor Power

52V 17Ah 910Wh

est. 60mi Range

+5'4ft / 330lb

Max Load

Cadence Sensor

Powerful Pedal Assist

On-Demand Throttle

Pedaling Optional

25+ Point Quality

Control Checklist

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews
Paul Schnurr
Great Bike

Just can’t say how much fun I am having with my new Stunner x6 It’s just a blast very powerful and comfortable to ride super at going up hills. I am trying to get all my friends to join in and get a e-bike. I would definitely recommend Biktrix and the stunnerX6. I had a question about the battery and they got back to me the next morning with the answer. Good Job

John Healey
Surprised and Very Happy !

Several friends encouraged us to get e-bikes and they had good experiences with BIKTRIK. We were hesitant. We took the plunge - super happy!!

Exactly what I hope for

I am really enjoying my new ebike. I live in a rural community that is quite hilly. I wanted to have a bike I could ride to do my basic commuting and chores with and the Stunner is working out great. I recently went into town to pick up the mail and was a bit surprised by a large heavy box. Using the rat trap and a bungy cord I was easily able to get it home!

Joan Burge

Lots of fun on this bike. It has lots of power to do all the hills without an issue. Very comfortable to ride.
Used assist wuite a bit the first 30 k and battery still said 100%
I'm very happy with the quality of the bike for the price.

Kirk Manley
From Fairbanks Alaska with love!

I am 250 lbs. with two heavy panniers, and my ride to work is a hilly 18.7 miles, and I use less then 10% of the battery. I stay mostly in the 2-assist level but occasionally use 3. The lights are a battery killer, so I attach my own rechargeable back light. From the first ride you IMMEDIATELY feel the excellent build quality. Couldn't be happier. I also have a dual hub drive monster long hauler, and I love both hub and mid-drives. I have always been an avid cyclist, and at 60 yrs. old it is way more fun than any grown man should have!

Dennis Weimer

So I bought one of your bikes and like a day later you come out with a new plan for a better battery. I hope that we can make this happen and I can get the better battery cuz I missed it by a day

George Chase
Love it!

And customer service Mr Hismak) was great! Just wish colors would match …

Kevin Redick

Stunner X 6

Good Purchase

The stunner X6 makes a big hill on my commute feel like butter. I had never used an e-bike before - it’s heavier and more powerful than I was used to. But, it’s a lot of fun and the fenders / big tires help for bad weather days. Thanks to Brooklyn from the support team!