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Skycap 2

Sale price$2,099.00
Lava Orange
Estimated to be shipped in 6-7 business days

The Sky is the limit

Introducing The Skycap 2, our all-new dual battery electric cargo bike. The uprated rack with a total payload capacity of 380lbs makes the Skycap the perfect workhorse to carry all that you need, anywhere you go.

built to haul.

Heavy Duty Rear Rack & Fenders

The robust cargo rack can handle plenty of weight while the fenders keep you and your load clean when the path gets wet.

Rigid Front Fork

Electric cargo bikes need high weight-capacity. With the rigid fork, you will always feel stable and in-control.  

Center-Mounted Kickstand

This study center mounted kickstand will keep your electric cargo bike upright even with a full load of cargo.

750W MXUS Geared Hub Motor

This powerful and reliable motor will allow you to span cities, climb hills, and reach your destination swiftly. 

Removable 48V Lithium-Ion Battery

Our removable battery system is convenient. Twist the key to bring it in to charge. We offer a variety of battery capacity options.

Optional Range Extender

Multiple range-extender battery options can expand your eBike's range!

Integrated Headlight

This bright LED light is powered by the bike's battery and can be turned on/off with a button on the handlebar control pad.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

When you're carrying a heavy load, you need strong stopping power. These brakes will quickly and reliably bring you to a halt.

LCD Display, Control Pad & Twist-Throttle

Control & monitor your settings with the display & control pad. The twist throttle will get you moving with just the flick of a wrist!

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gary Kamer
Skycap 2 - The Pickup Truck of Bikes!

I recently retired and wanted to make the move to a car-less life style. The concerns I had was hauling groceries and transporting my golf clubs. Problem solved with Skycap 2. This bike is built like a tank and allows me to haul golf clubs, groceries and all sorts of other items. Loving my new Biktrix bike! A special shout out to Dillon at the Vancouver show room for all of his help. Great overall experience!

Rob Cleveland
Looks like it will be a great bike for us!

Bike arrived super quick, very well packaged and easy to put together …looks great, seems well built and can’t wait to get it out once the weather is nicer.

Sam Hill
Cargo bike

I was looking for a cargo bike, but one that still rides like a normal bike.This bike is very versatile. You can load up the rear with picnic gear, as well as adding a basket to the front. I added a comfy seat and comfy seat post. Without the electric assist on, it still rides effortlessly. I am looking for a good dog trailer so I can take my dog along with me. Having the rear rack welded to the main frame, this gives me options on how to attach the trailer. Looking forward to winter being over so I can put this bike through its paces.

John Claxton
Heaven is a green Skycap 2

After a minor delay while I organized with Purolator for the bike to be delivered to the shop rather than to my home… it was delivered, the guys at the shop put it together, and my grandson (an e-biker) and I took delivery. Grandson gave me a brief lesson and now I’m a bonafide e-cyclist. What great fun.

Laura Thomas
Absolutely amazing!

We bought the Skycap 2 as a way to get our kiddos around and use our car less. It has been one of the best purchases we made! The shipping was super fast, the bike was put together easily (and by someone with limited bike knowledge…). Now the only issue is that we only have one e-bike and the grown-ups fight about who gets to use it!

Scott Graham

I got my Skycap2 with monkey bars, delivered to the Vancouver store. Overall I'm happy and have put about 100km on it in the first couple weeks even though the weather hasn't been great.

The standard sized battery is totally fine for my use. The passenger seat for my 4yo is working great. Having it preassembled and ready to ride from the store was great.

My two main complaints are: 1) it's really quite heavy. I knew this beforehand, but even as an average sized adult male you don't really want to be carrying this for too long (even to say adjust at a bike lock, etc.); 2) more annoying, my shoes size is fairly average (US10) but the passenger foot pedals are a hair too close to the pedals and I regularly get heel strikes while pedaling with the ball of my foot.

Overall, if you have smaller feet, it'd be a 5 star, especially a great value when on sale.

Mathieu Boisclair
Really fun E-bike

First time E-bike buyer here. I'll start by saying this is rugged, gets you places quickly and has amazing capacity for distance and capacity to make it a city bike or business usage with a good space to do deliveries. I can see myself do long distance based on the cargo capacity that allows me to transport everything with ease. I'm a very heavy rider and it's helpful to go back in exercise at a more healthy results.

Here's my little negative which is more a "situational issue". I live in a basement, moving up the e-bike outside from my condo it's HEAVY! I bought a more comfy seat and the cane creek seat post shim is too small and I had to buy another shim to fit the seat. I would also add the cost of securing the unit is much higher for a daily city mode of transport. Those extra cost were mostly calculated but still impressive!

Mina Sokhanvar

I am so dissatisfied by refund policy, I took back sky cap 2after 10 days, I wait in the store for 3 hours and then Allen following up with Saskatchewan to see what they should do? However they even did not reply him, so direspectful, now I should wait until Tuesday to see what the agent of head office say back the phone☹️

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