Heavy Duty Clamp-On Kickstand

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Heavy duty clamp-on kickstand for Biktrix eBikes with an adjustable height. Clamps to the bike's chain stay for a solid fit.

Recommended replacement for bikes with a center mount kickstand.

Note: Using this kickstand as a replacement for a 2-bolt, chainstay-mounted kickstand may not be possible depending on the bike frame.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

I haven’t received my items

Michael Treanor

Fits perfectly on my juggernaut

James Coppens

a very well built stand!

armando montes

Good quality

Allen Kraus

It is working fine but did not fit the jug out ultra FS is good as the one that came with it have to use extra rubber to get it to tighten up good

rejean dubois

Well i had to take the clamp part of it .and drill a hole in the litle plate already on the weel frame to fixe it like the original one,and it work just fine

Bill Gulka
Kick stand

It works but it’s not a great fit on the frame. Shimming it helps but it’s still flex’s too much.

Gustav William Ott

Heavy Duty Clamp-On Kickstand

Mitchell Lloyd
I'm ambivalent

The somewhat unique rectangular tube frame design of the Ultra Duo makes it hard for mounting a kickstand. This clamp-on kickstand has a rectangular clamp but it is about 20% bigger that the frame so the kickstand will move when raising or lowering it. I tried installing some rubber material between the clamp faces and the frame tube to allow for a stronger clamping action without marring the paint but the free play is still there. I think the Ultra Duo would be better served by a clamp-on kickstand that has a two point attachment (if one exists to fit this frame) to both of the rear fork frame tubes. The clamp-on kickstand does eliminate the interference with the pedals, always a problem with a center frame kickstand. The clamp-on kickstand is sturdy and functional, perhaps some 3D printed Biktrix specific spacers could be manufactured to improve the fit.