Front Basket - Challenger

Sale price $100.00 Regular price$150.00
Sale price $100.00 Regular price$150.00


Haul extra cargo and unlock your Biktrix Challenger's full versatility with the front rack and basket. This sturdy set-up allows for reliable transport of snacks, gear, bags, and more! The integrated basket-rack construction with wooden platform mounts directly onto the 4 holes on the headtube of your bike.

Note: The hardware for installing this  should be attached to the bike when you receive it. If this has been lost or removed you will need 4 M6x15 Bolts.

Technical Specifications

Internal Storage Dimensions (W x L x H)

9.75' x 8' x 5.5'


1.105 kg

Max Capacity

9 kg / 20 lbs

Mounting Screws

Included on bike - 4x M6x15


Bike Name Compatible
Biktrix Challenger
Biktrix Challenger 2
Other Biktrix eBikes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Bradley Hearn

Front Basket - Challenger

Janice Blackett
Solid basket

Basket is great for storage. Built solid

Denis Lavoie
Nice Basket !

This is a nice basket with nice built and practical to bring small bike tools or other things ! A must

Neil Enns
Is impressive

She is very happy with the bike, she is really enjoying the rides.
Very impressed.
the only thing we noticed the battery on the screen always shows full, never drops, even though the battery is dead. we are giving it a 5☆
and vary happy with customer service.

Front basket

Disappointed that it didn’t fit the Stunner X 6. As there were no other available on your site, made it fit. When ordering didn’t realize that Challenger was name of a bike and not the basket. Wish the baskets were standard fit for all bikes.

terry bowen
design problem

There is a design problem with the basket on the Challenger which it was designed for. When you install it on the bike with the provided light it will hit the fender and push it down into the tire when you use the front brake or go over a bump. This did cause some damage to the fender but got that fixed. The cure for this was to install a custom made attaching point at the front of the basket SEE PHOTO PROVIDED It would be simple for the manufacturer to weld in a flat metal strip with a threaded hole to mount light in the same spot.


Front Basket - Challenger

Kenneth Rayfield
Front Basket - Challenger

Thought I was buying a basket that would fit my wife's Ultra Duo 3. The basket arrive without hardware to mount it, so I contacted service and they said sorry and told me the proper bolt size. Turns out the predrilled holes on the basket do not line up with those on the bike. So with customer service I am very disappointed, but the basket is superb, well made and very good looking.