Dropper Seatposts by PNW

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Sale price $199.00
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Customize your ride with a high-quality internally-routed dropper seat post from PNW. Manuals for the installation of these dropper posts can be found here.

 Note: This does not include cable housing, cable housing ends or cable ends with crimps. If you need these reach out to the Biktrix CX Team and they can assist you!

🔹Cascade Externally Routed Measurements

30.9/170mm 31.6/150mm
Travel 170mm 150mm
Seat Collar to Center of Rails 225mm 205mm
Total Length 490mm 450mm
Min. Insertion Length 130mm 110mm
Full Insertion Length  266mm 245mm
(30.9 mm) Weight 674g 632g


🔹Rainier IR Gen 3 170mm/30.9 Measurements

 Travel 170mm
Seat Collar to Center of Rails 225mm
Total Length 493mm
Min Insertion Length 150mm
Full Insertion Length 268mm
(30.9mm) Weight 618g


🔹Rainier IR 110mm/27.2 Measurements

Travel 110mm
Seat Collar to Center of Rails 164mm
Total Length 420mm
Min. Insertion Length 155mm
Full Insertion Length  239mm
(27.2 mm) Weight  497g

Technical Specifications

Cascade Externally Routed Travel

170mm / 6.7"

Cascade Externally Routed Seat Collar to Center of Rails

225mm / 8.8"

Cascade Externally Routed Total Length

490mm / 19.3"

Cascade Externally Routed Min. Insertion Length

130mm / 5.1"

Cascade Externally Routed Full Insertion Length

266mm / 10.5"

Cascade Externally Routed (30.9mm) Weight

674g / 1.5 lbs

Ranier IR Gen 3 170/30.9 Travel

170mm / 6.7"

Ranier IR Gen 3 170/30.9 Seat Collar to Center of Rails

225mm / 8.8"

Ranier IR Gen 3 170/30.9 Total Length

493mm / 19.4"

Ranier IR Gen 3 170/30.9 Min. Insertion Length

150mm / 5.9"

Ranier IR Gen 3 170/30.9 Full Insertion Length

268mm / 10.5"

Ranier IR Gen 3 170/30.9 Weight

618g / 1.4 lbs

Rainier IR 110mm/27.2 Travel

110mm / 4.3"

Rainier IR 110mm/27.2 Seat Collar to Center of Rails

164mm / 6.5"

Rainier IR 110mm/27.2 Total Length

420mm / 16.8"

Rainier IR 110mm/27.2 Min. Insertion Length

155mm / 6.1"

Rainier IR 110mm/27.2 Full Insertion Length

239mm / 9.4"

Rainier IR 110mm/27.2 (27.2mm) Weight

497g / 1.1 lbs


Bike Name PNW Cascade PNW Rainier IR 110mm/27.2 PNW Rainier IR 170mm/30.9
Monte Capro Ultra 1/2
Monte Capro Lite
Juggernaut Ultra Eagle 2
Juggernaut XD Eagle
Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 1/2/3
Juggernaut Classic Duo Step-Over / Step-Thru
Juggernaut Ultra Duo 2/3/4 Step-Over / Step-Thru
Juggernaut Ultra Beast 1/2
Juggernaut XD Duo

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Levi Taylor
PNW Dropper Post

This dropper post is exactly what I was looking for.