Dorado Batteries for Juggernaut Classic, Stunner, Swift Series

Sale price $499.00
Sale price $499.00
Shipping: Leaves within 6-7 business days


This sleek removable battery is used in many different Biktrix eBike models ranging from Juggernauts to Stunners to Swifts. A high-quality design and many power options provide reliable power and range to extend your ride!

Note for Juggernaut Eagle XD Riders: Your bike is only compatible with the voltage of the battery you purchased it with ie only 48V Extra Batteries will work with your bike if you purchased the bike with a 48V Battery originally.

Note: There are two different case lengths for this battery. The batteries on this page have a 460mm Case Length (18.1"). If you are looking for the Short Case Battery please visit THIS PAGE.

Not sure about charger connector type? Check out this guide for more information on Charger Types including 1-Pin, 3-Pin and 3py

    There are 48 and 52V versions of this battery available with different Ah capacities. Check out this guide for more information on battery Voltage and Ah!

    Wondering about the Sinowatt battery option? Consult this FAQ for more information on these!

    Technical Specifications

    Dimensions (W x L x H)

    48.7cm/19.2in x 64.1cm/25.2in x 18.5cm/7.3in




    Bike Name 36V 48V 52V
    Juggernaut Classic
    Juggernaut HD / Limited
    Juggernaut Ultra 1000 / Pro
    Juggernaut Ultra FS
    Juggernaut XD
    Ultra Eagle 2
    XD Eagle
    Stunner LT
    Stunner Step-Thru/Over
    Stunner X 1-5
    Swift Step-Thru/Over

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Jim Kraneveldt
    Nor sure Battery was the issue

    We purchased the new battery as our Stunner would just shut off under mild load. We purchased the new battery which arrived timely and as described, however our Biktrix Stunner still shuts off. while riding.

    SAMUEL J Tilden
    So far so good

    Perfect fit,on sale too. She rides like a new bike again. Still lovin my Jugernaught 8yrs later!!

    Jason Cavener
    Smooth and thorough return and repair process

    I needed my back wheel rebuilt. There is an online form Biktrix uses for shipped repairs. it requires a lot of detail but really it is no more than what this sort of thing should require. The online process was seamless. I got my wheel back in a couple of weeks and the repair was done perfectly.

    Philip Welch

    Dorado Batteries for Juggernaut Classic, Stunner, Swift Series

    odin keller
    48v 20ah battery

    My bike works great with new battery
    Had the 17ah before the 20ah has much better range
    Only wish they were not as expensive

    Wayne Sand
    Great value

    Very happy with this 20 AH Samsung/ LG battery. It has doubled my distance that I ride. Full out though river valley gravel and dirt trails I get about 75 Kilometres.

    Susan Kinney
    Great battery

    This battery is great. I can ride at least 10 more miles using this battery than my original one. It arrived quickly when I ordered. I am very pleased.

    Harley Porter
    I did not expect extra speed!

    I added the 20ah Dorado with Samsung cells to my MacGyvered dual battery setup. Wow, this battery packs a punch. My existing battery was 12.5ah, so this one kicks the power up to 32.5ah. What I did not expect was that my bike's performance would improve. I am getting 2-3 km/h gains in each of the 5 assist levels, and there is noticeable improvement in torque. Maybe this is a stealth 52v battery?

    The Bixktrix sales staff was excellent in helping me with my purchase. The battery was shipped a few days after it was ordered, and it arrived by Purolator a day after it was shipped. I got a great deal due to a summer sale (less than half price). Shipping was $60, but this was partially offset by a $27 welcome coupon I found online. The battery was securely packed in a larger box, surrounded by high density packing foam.

    The fan-equipped charger puts out 3 amps, and charged my battery fully in about 5 hours. Initially the light on the charger was flashing red and green. I was worried that something was wrong, but the Biktrix website reassured me that this was just the BMS balancing the cells. The flashing lasted for a few minutes then the battery charged normally. The charger got pretty warm, even with the internal fan, but I suppose that is to be expected with the higher amperage.

    The 20ah battery is wider than a standard Dorado battery, and quite a bit heavier, but will fit on any bike that takes a standard Dorado battery.

    So far I am extremely happy with this purchase. On my dual battery setup I have ridden 30 km and my display still shows 10/10 bars. I anticipate at least 150km range, and with the gain in speed, I am a happy camper.

    Charles Bowman
    Excellent Battery

    Very reliable battery.