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Derailleur Hangers

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Estimated to be shipped in 6-7 business days


Broke the derailleur hanger on your eBike? View our assortment of replacement options and get back to riding! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Derailleur Hangers

Ryan L
Always have a replacement in your bag

Good to have a spare just in case on a ride.

Murray Messier
Order mixup

After an order mixup, I was very pleased with the resolution. I feel like a valued customer after my order was handled promptly and fairly.

Eric Mau
Shifting problems?

My bike wasn’t shifting as crisply as it used to so I replaced the shift cable and housing and it got a little better but after testing I noticed my chain skip on the two smallest cogs. I couldn’t even tell it was bent. This was the next cheapest thing to try and fix it, so…. What do you know. My shifts are quick smooth and precise. No chain skip either.

Jerrad Gilbert

Derailleur Hangers

Adam Gagnon


Charles Carr
Fits like a glove

I stripped the threads on my Juggernaut Ultra Derailleur hanger. Biktrix had several that were similar, so I sent them a couple of pictures. Within acouple of hours I had an email with the part #, Ordered online, was riding in 2 days. Great job Biktrix!!

Bernard Humphreys
Derailleur hanger

First class how quick it took to arrive most pleased. Could you please send me a email address if I need any more parts for my bike thank you.

David Silvestri
Good service

The guys were quick to respond and helpful in finding the correct replacement part. My only concern was the cost of the part itself and shipping.