Biktrix Cinch Strap

Sale price $6.00
Sale price $6.00
Shipping: Leaves within 6-7 business days


Use these Biktrix branded straps to secure items to your eBike! Use it to further secure your range extender battery for a duo bike or hold items onto your rear rack.

One strap measures 200mm (7-7/8") when folded over and 495mm (19.5") when unfolded.

Note: You will need two of these straps to secure a range extender battery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Murphy
The cinch strap works!

On the side installed batteries there is a chance a rough ride or a call could dislodge it. This strap prevents it. I know. I took a fall on water ice on the left side, and the battery didn’t budge. It was a good bang. I was OK because I kept my hands on the bars and the bike took the shock, not me.

Rick Ford
A necessary item

Looking at the structural assembly of the extended battery onto the frame of the bike, there is a high inertial load on the 4 mounting crews down the centerline of the battery load. This creates a pivot point for the battery to rotate on.
The Cinch Strap re-enforces the battery mount, preventing the battery from pivoting side to side. (Don't leave home without it)

Raul Marquez

Not very happy with the strap it was too short if I didn’t know I had to order two I would have ordered two. Shipping alone cost $20 the strap was six dollars now I need another strap I’m sure if I ordered it it’s going to cost me $20 in shipping again and six dollars for the strap. So needless to say I have not used it. Maybe in the future if I get ready to order something else I will order another strap so they can be shipped together. Thanks

Robert Mccrae
Hub Duo

Very Nice bike, I get compliments and jealous stares everywhere I go. A little pricy but worth it!

Christopher Price
Quality is 1st rate however

Quality of product is 1st rate however the cost to ship this small item to me in the US makes a purchase like this to be cost prohibitive

Rafael Rodriguez
I need two for my bike

I need two however will get complimentary one with next order thanx