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The Stunner LT is one of the most comfortable electric cruisers on the market today. The front suspension and fat tires make this bike feel just as good on the trails as it does on the road. The powerful 750W hub motor makes this bike an easy-to-use, capable explorer.

Customizable Style

Design the Stunner LT to suit your lifestyle! Enjoy additional range with a larger battery. Equip the Armageddon headlight for superior illumination. Upgrade to quad-piston brakes for enhanced performance. Thow on some pannier bags and you've got an eBike unique to you!

versatility & comfort

750W Rear Hub Motor

This powerful 750W motor will allow you to span cities, climb hills, and explore further with ease.

Integrated Headlight

The headlight is powered by the bike's battery and can be turned on/off on the handlebar control pad.

Rack & Fenders

These fenders will keep you and your bike clean. Need to carry gear? Strap onto our robust rear rack and go!

RST Guide Front Suspension

Our RST Guide front suspension fork features 80mm of travel with preload and lockout adjustability.

Removable 48V Lithium-Ion Battery

This system is convenient. Twist the key and bring your battery in to charge. We offer a variety of battery capacity options.

4" Fat Tires

Whether you're up against sand, mud or snow, these tires will handle it with ease. The Stunner LT 5 is completely ready for all-season, all-terrain riding.

8 Speed Shimano Transmission

From climbing steep hills to holding maximum speed on the flats and everything between, Our Shimano 8-speed has you covered.

LCD Display

The LCD Display shows you all kinds of important information about your ride including speed, battery life, range, odometer, pedal assist level and more.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Safety on an eBike is key. With standard dual-piston hydraulic brakes, you can stop even faster than you accelerate. Four-piston brakes are available as an additional upgrade.

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

Small w/ 20" Medium w/ 24" Large w/ 26"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
jeanette caddell
great bike

we really like this bike
we need to know how soon we can get a stunner Lt medium as soon as possible

angelika o
Stunner LT6 Medium

I have a cleaning business that I need my bike and its carriers for. I visit clients in Kitsilano and bring all my supplies. This bike is a game changer as I use the pedal assist up the hills and it makes my day so much easier than pushing my brodie quantum up the hill with my carriers full of liquids and a mop etc. Thank you Biktrtix.

David Sinclair
Stunner L 6

Great bike good power

Dale Gausman
Electric Bike

The staff at Bitrix in Vancouver are the best.

Jenn. T
Superb Bike!

Really pleased with the Stunner LT. Great bike and I can’t stop heading out for rides. Love that I can have the assist when needed, but can just ride the bike like a regular bike and get the exercise I want.

Larry Falk
Awesome bike

We really like our new ebikes

Super Nice Bike .

The Stunner , is fast and fun to ride .This is my first electric bike . Delivered quickly and happy with the product . Climbs hills with power to spare . Easy to assemble in less than 1/2 hour . The pedal assist is great but the full out throttle was unbelievable . I bought the medium for my height . The speed shocked me I had it up to 44 kilometers on a straight road . Comfortable to ride with a wide seat , I'm 69 and need this bike as my knee get sore at times . The 750 watt motor is strong . I'm glad I didn't shop for the cheaper brands out there .

Jeffrey Lear
Excellent product the Stunner LT

Enjoying days out with the Stunner LT, quality product.

Marsha Bamford
Happy and satisfied customer

Super satisfied. Friendly and efficient. Great bike too!

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