Electric Bikes with Torque Sensor

You have a lot of options available to you nowadays as a consumer looking for an eBike. In fact, eBikes have reached the same level of variety as classic bicycles, meaning there’s a suitable model for practically anyone. You might be looking for something that provides exercise alongside a safe option in case of exhaustion. You might want a sustainable way of getting to and from work. You might simply enjoy cycling but prefer a more easygoing option. If any of those sound like you, you’ll appreciate a solid torque sensor electric bike. All of these are great reasons to invest in an eBike, and you’ll definitely find one that suits you. Read More

3 Products Found
3 Products Found
Juggernaut Ultra 1000 Pro
Save $1,050
Juggernaut Hub Duo Step-Over Special

Juggernaut Hub Duo

Step-Over Special
Sale price$2,149 Regular price$3,199

9-Speed Shimano

750W Rear-Drive

Up To 90m

Up To 2008wh



80Nm Torque

26x4, 27.5x3, 24x4 Tires

Cadence + Torque Sensor

On-Demand Throttle

Save $1,300
Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3 Step-Thru Sale

Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3

Step-Thru Sale
Sale price$3,499 Regular price$4,799

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Really, you already have. You’re just a step away now that you’ve found Biktrix. We’re the most convenient, reliable, and customizable eBike company across North America. We know our buyers want to be certain they’ve made the right choice, so we reassure them of that at every stage, starting with variety. Biktrix has bikes with all kinds of options for tires, batteries, handlebars, wireless dropper seat posts, tubes, and more essentials. We also carry a massive range of accessories such as phone mounts, displays, lights, cages, baskets, and handlebar grips. Odds are, with your own touch added, no two Biktrix bikes will be identical.

With Biktrix, you aren’t just buying a reliable, reputable eBike; you’re making it yours before you’ve even bought it. You’re guaranteeing yourself the perfect bike for you.

The Benefits of an Electric Bike with Torque Sensor Tech

So, what does a torque sensor for you eBike do? Simply put, a torque sensor registers how much force you’re putting into the pedals and converts that into guidelines for the electric motor. It tells the motor how fast or slow you’re looking to go; the harder you push the pedals, the more juice the motor will use. The sensor allows users to really control their motion with minimal effort and plenty of precision. You’ll always be travelling at exactly the speed you want, regardless of terrain or outside conditions.

An electric bike with torque sensor is great for older cyclists who want to economize their energy as much as possible. The torque sensor doesn’t require constant input, after all; you simply give the pedals a good push or two to set your speed, and you can adjust that speed with another pedal later on. The torque sensor is also great for adjusting your speed while riding up or down inclines. You can make sure you’re cruising at a comfortable and safe speed without much trouble.

Customer Service Throughout

Biktrix ships all long-distance orders by air, so they arrive faster than any other provider can manage. We regularly ship as far as Dubai, and our bikes always arrive in excellent condition and in good time; that means your order for an electric bike in Los Angeles, California, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nevada, or Oregon is guaranteed to arrive the same way. And lastly, our Help Center and live web chat ensure that our customers always have support after a purchase too. We’ve written extensive guides in our Help Center to help customers figure out all of their parts, including eBike chargers, replacement batteries for eBikes, torque sensors, and more. If your question isn’t answered in our FAQs or Help Center, then there will always be an agent available to help during business hours.

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