Biktrix A-Bars

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The Biktrix A-Bars are a cruiser-style handlebar upgrade for our Juggernaut line of eBikes. The swept-back design provides an upright riding position with multiple comfortable hand positions so you can enjoy further and more frequent rides!

Fits bikes with a 31.8mm clamping area.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
tim donohue
A-Bars are best

I prefer the A-Bars because there's more room for a bell and a phone holder. They also just feel better , it's a more comfortable ride , better control too. And they also look really cool!

Steven Schmidt
Juggernaut Duo step thru purchase

Shipping, delivery,and assembly all good. Bike looks and performs well. Abar is excellent. Two items need attention. 1) battery cover had fallen off during shipping and again on first ride. It is now secured with transparent Gorrila tape. I hope you have a better solution. 2) Thumb operated accelerator is just an on off switch. I would prefer a twist throttle or no throttle. I am very happy with the bike and hope the 2 issues can be resolved. Steven Schmidt

Todd Brown
A bars

I prefer an upright riding position, these are perfect for that. The extra cross bar was a great place to mount my Garmin, it makes for quite a cockpit.

Diane Korbaylo
Juggernaut HD step thru

Love the bike! Took a bit of time to put together but not too difficult. The fat tires make a huge difference on the gravel roads. I recommend everyone to consider this bike if thinking if purchasing an electric bike!

Ron Degner
Biktrix A Bars

Very comfortable and takes pressure off your wrists

Jack zukowski
Biktrix A-Bars

These bars are just awesome for me, I sit upright in a non stressed position making my ride so much more enjoyable.

Stephane Caron
Glad I ordered with the A-Bar

I have back problem and the abar gives me a straighter position, almost like a cruiser, which is what I wanted initially. Many people notice it and think of searching for similar solution. Add to that that the original MTB handle ws shipped with the bike, as I get better I can easily try the other handle later.
Really happy ccustomer !!!

Tracy Astrope

Biktrix A-Bars

Tom Reier
Love the bike. Can't rate the bars

Your people called me after I ordered and said that these bars would NOT fit my Ultra Juggernaut FS Pro. Insisted on taking them off the order and giving me a refund. These bars were a major part of WHY I bought the bike; I wanted that relaxed riding position. I even went so far as to have my local shop install a stem that is closer to the rider, but I still need a more BACK and UP bar position for street riding. Oh, I didn't mention... I have 7000 acres of three parks next door. But I bought this bike to survive on the terrible streets in my city. I would still like to install these bars, and was never given any reason why they would not work, esp when the web site advertises them as fitting my bike.
BOTTOM LINE I LOVE THIS BEAST OF A BIKE. But I am disappointed about the bars and I am looking to change them out. I believe the cruiser style bars that TROXUS uses on their SKYHOPPER will work, but I am still gathering specifications. By my quick measurement, they appear compatible, and there is enough extra length to the cables to make the move.