Increase safety and confidence during night riding with the Biktrix Armageddon light kit.

Lead time up to 2 weeks. 

With a whopping 2000 lumens, all in your path will be lit always allowing for adequate time to react. The kit wires up to the stock system thus retains the standard headlight switch and auto functionality when applicable. 

Installation Guide 

Lumens 2000
Rated power 18w
Housing Aluminum
Waterproof rating IP67
LED lifetime 50,000 hours
Width 6.25" (15.9 cm)
Height 3.25" (8.3 cm)
Depth 4" ( 10 cm)
Bike fitment^ Juggernaut Classic,
Juggernaut HD 
Juggernaut Ultra and Ultra FS
Stunner step-thru and step-over
Stunner X

*Note: actual product may vary from the photo

^Note: Light is not compatible with Biktrix Moto and Biktrix Challenger bikes - these bikes come stock with an equally bright headlight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
close, robert
Armageddon… Holy mackerel!

We opted for the Armageddon headlight on our stunner X. It is definitely bright, bright, did I say bright? It certainly gets attention of motorists, and lights the trail ahead of you at night perfectly. No complaints, highly recommend it!

Steven K.
Armagedon headlight

I purchased a Stunner step through and asked if prior to shipping could they please install the Armageddon headlight. Biktrix customer support was excellent. Although the headlight is very expensive it does EXACTLY what it is suppose to do. It lights up the road/trail in front of you. MUCH brighter than my other headlights on my bike. Great product and thank you!

Joel S.
Ultimate lighting for your bike!

THIS is THE light!

Andrew Tan
A super bright bike light

The Armageddon light came pre-installed on my Ultra FS bike and works great when I need extra lighting while riding in the late evening or at night. It is well-built, bright and from my experience doesn’t the deplete the battery noticeably. Love this light!

Andrew T.
Worth every penny

Very bright, sturdy construction, and easy to use! This is no ordinary bike light. Turns night into day. It's blinding, literally (it shipped with black electrical tape over half the bulbs to prevent accidental blindness).

Lisa Friberg
great bright light

these lights are amazingly bright, compact and worth the cost!

Stephen White - 2
Armageddon light

Very bright. For daytime riding.

Stephen W.
Armageddon headlight.

I bought the light for bay time riding to be seen. I’m very satisfied with brightness and quality of the light.

John Murphy
I love this light.

The Armageddon is just what I need. I ride through old railroad tunnels and it lights the way. Great addition to my Biktrix Ultra 1000 FS.