Dealer Spotlight: ATV Wholesale Outlet

Dealer Spotlight: ATV Wholesale Outlet

In the Golden State? So is Biktrix! Anyone in sunny Sacramento is able to view and test our eBikes at ATV Wholesale Outlet; a veteran-owned business specializing in power sports! Read on to learn about their experience since becoming a Biktrix dealer.

Who: Jacob Stabler | General Manager | ATV Wholesale Outlet

Where: Sacramento, California


Q: Why do you think eBikes are the future?
A: Electric bikes are simply the evolution of the bicycle. As technology and engineering continues to improve every year, electric bikes are proving to be more than just a trend; they are the FUTURE!

Q: What makes Biktrix eBikes ideal for your customers?
A: Electric bikes appeal to all sizes and ages! Electric bikes bring the fun back into riding and give those with limitations the freedom and ability to enjoy being outdoors on a bike again. Biktrix particularly has carved out a segment in the eBike industry by proving a truly value-packed lineup of hybrid, on-road, and off-road electric bikes. With Biktrix’s long-range external barriers and large selection of frame and motor sizes, our customers can have a bike tailor-made to their liking.

Q: How has selling Biktrix eBikes impacted your business?
A: Within a few weeks of being a Biktrix dealer, we’ve seen a large uptick in business and sales with the brand. We love to equip our Biktrix bikes with dual batteries and show off our large selection of model colors and sizes!

Q: What are the customer impressions you hear? 
A: Our customers love the quality and durability Biktrix provides. The difference between Biktrix bikes and other bikes is immediately apparent! Customers are pleasantly surprised with the power and smooth acceleration!

Q: Any example customers that you remember?
A: Two weeks ago, our customer Stanley came in looking for a fun bike to commute around town and trails. After testing cheaper bikes, he came across our Biktrix lineup and went straight to the FS Pro! After one test ride, he didn’t even want to look at any other bikes and took the FS Pro home with him that day. He’s been back three times since and now has both his wife and brother riding a Biktrix!

Q: What would you tell someone who is looking to sell Biktrix eBikes?
A: If you’re looking for an electric bike that stands up to any task, look no further! Biktrix backs it up with amazing local dealer/online support and is sure to have a bike just right for you.

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