Can an eBike Jump a 30-Foot Gap?

Can an eBike Jump a 30-Foot Gap?

Look, up in the sky!

It's a bird!

It's a plane!

No, it's... the Biktrix Monte Capro Ultra!


With its lightweight carbon fiber frame and a roaring 1000 Watt Ultra motor, this bike is designed to elevate your riding experience to new heights… perhaps literally!

To showcase the Monte Capro Ultra’s extreme capabilities, we recruited a professional rider to take it on its most daring challenge yet: jumping (and hopefully, landing) a 30-foot gap. How does our premium eBike stand up to such an attempt? Watch below to find out!

With extraordinary stability, precision handling, and proven performance,  the Biktrix Monte Capro Ultra is in a league of its own. The carbon fiber frame is a game-changer, significantly reducing weight while maintaining exceptional durability and versatility. This means you'll have a nimble and agile ride, effortlessly maneuvering through tight spaces and tough terrain. Say goodbye to the days of lugging around a heavy electric bike – the Monte Capro series from Biktrix is here to redefine your riding experience.

One of the standout features of the Monte Capro Ultra is its powerful 1000 Watt Ultra motor. This beast of an engine unleashes an incredible amount of torque, allowing you to conquer steep inclines and tackle challenging trails with ease. Whether you're climbing mountains or effortlessly navigating through technical sections, the motor's exceptional performance will leave you awe-inspired and coming back for more.

While power is essential, the Monte Capro Ultra offers more than just raw strength. Biktrix has engineered this electric mountain bike to strike the perfect balance between power and control. The motor provides smooth acceleration, giving you the confidence to take on any obstacle that comes your way. Whether you're climbing, descending, or ripping through flowy singletracks, the Monte Capro Ultra ensures an exhilarating yet controlled ride.

Don't let anything hold you back – experience the thrill of the Monte Capro series and push your limits like never before!

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