Add extra versatility to your eBike with this do-it-yourself conversion kit! Easily swap out your existing wheels for these 26” tall and 4” wide fat bike tires to change how your eBike performs on various terrain. With a Quick-Release design, this wheelset is simple to install without the use of any tools. The round cutout style of this wheelset minimizes weight and allows for creative flair!

Note: This is a takeoff wheelset which means it was removed from a brand-new bike and is unused. However, there is a possibility is sustained some minor cosmetic damage during shipping and packing.

Technical Specifications

Front Hub Spacing


Front Hub Axle Type

Quick-Release, 5mm

Rear Hub Spacing


Rear Hub Axle Type

Quick-Release, 5mm

Rim Style

80mm Wide, Round Cutouts, 36 Hole

Driver Style

HG - Hyperglide

Rim Colour

Black with round black cutouts


26x4 Kenda


8 lbs / 3.6 kg


Bike Name Compatible
Juggernaut Classic Duo
Juggernaut Classic
Juggenaut Ultra FS Pro
Juggernaut Ultra Duo
Stunner X 6