Tonyon Folding Lock

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Keep your Biktrix bike safe with the convenient Tonyon Folding Lock.

Mount the lock on your bike frame and access it with ease when you need it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ronald Hodge

Very good

Maureen Bowerman
Lock is great!

The product at the Biktrix store is great but their customer service is terrible.... you almost have to beg them to serve you. I have 2 friends that walked in the store and was the only one in the store and 2 workers never asked to help them.They went to another store and bought.

Craig Newman

Tonyon Folding Lock

Handy dandy.

Attaches to the bike well and good for all bike racks.

Mike Deighan

This lock is secure and compact and would be very difficult to cut. just what I needed.

Mike Deighan
Functional secure peace of mind.

Functional secure peace of mind.

Dan B.
Seems well built!

The lock stores well on my bike and is easy to use. I do not know if it will be easy to bypass or break, and I hope I dont find out.

Lloyd Davidson
Folding Lock

Good lock but a little small for the Juggernaut Ultra 1000 Pro.