Wren OneRack Universal Rear Rack

Sale price $99.99
Sale price $99.99


Introducing the Wren OneRack Universal Rear Rack - the only rack you'll ever need for your eBike! Designed to fit a wide range of tire sizes from 1.0" to 5" and wheels ranging from 20" to 29", this versatile rack can accommodate road bikes, fat bikes, and even kid's bikes. With its unique adjustable design, you can easily customize the width of the rack by loosening the compression bolts and expanding or contracting it accordion style. Achieve a clean and precise fit on any rig effortlessly. Additionally, adjusting the height to fit your eBike's wheels is a breeze - simply adjust the length of the vertical legs. Enjoy the convenience and functionality of the Wren OneRack Universal Rear Rack on your eBike today!

Technical Specifications

Carrying Capacity

60 lbs / 27 kg

Rack Weight

1 lbs 11 oz / 784g

Taillight Mounting Plate


Racking Diameter


Rack Dimensions

365mm Length x 130-220mm Wide (Dependent on Hub Width)


Bike Name Compatible
Juggernaut Classic / Classic Duo SO / ST
Juggernaut HD/HD Duo/HD Limited
Juggernaut Ultra 1000
Juggernaut Hub Duo SO / ST
Juggernaut Ultra Duo SO / ST (All Versions)
Juggernaut XD / XD Duo
Juggernaut Ultra Beast (All Verisons)
Juggernaut Ultra Eagle 1
Stunner X (All Versions)
Stunner SO / ST (All Versions)
Stunner LT 7
Stunner LT 5/6/Other Legacy Versions
Swift Lite SO / ST
Swift Step-Thru 2
Swift Step-Thru 1
Swift Step-Over (All )

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