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Sale price $0.00 Regular price$3,299.00
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Meet the moto

Featuring up to 160km of range, the all-new Biktrix Moto is the ultimate moped-style electric bike. Cruising city streets is a breeze with the powerful 750W Bafang hub motor and a smooth single-speed drivetrain.

Not your grandma's ebike

This thing was built for having fun. The motorcycle seat and moped-styling will make you want to lean back, hit the throttle and cruise. With optional dual 48V 21Ah batteries, you can go all day. Make the Moto yours with multiple frame sizes and many exciting colours to choose from.


Dual 48V Batteries

Select the revolutionary dual battery option for a total of 42ah (over 2000wh). The eBike fun can last all day long for over 100 miles of range.

750W Bafang Geared Hub Motor

This powerful and reliable motor will allow you to span cities, climb hills, and reach your destination swiftly. Available in 750W for off-road use and 500W for street riding to comply with electric bike regulations.

Dual-Piston Hydraulic Brakes

It’s easy to go fast on an electric bike, so you need strong stopping power. These brakes will quickly and reliably bring you to a halt.

Front Light

This bright, 1500 lumen, LED light is powered by the bike's battery and can be turned on/off with a button on the handlebar control pad.

Single-Speed Drivetrain

The simple single-speed drivetrain with a chain tensioner brings smooth and low-maintenance riding.

Compact Rear-Rack & Fenders

These fenders will keep you and your bike clean. Need to carry some gear? Strap it on the rear rack and make your way!

Chain Guard

The handy chain guard ensures your ride will be snag free.

Thumb-Throttle & Control Pad

With just a push of the thumb, the electric motor provides a boost of power. No need to pedal, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Motocross-Style Seat

Enjoy the comfort and style of the motocross inspired seat.

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

1 Effective Top Tube Length 700mm 27.6in
2 Seat Tube Length (Classic Bike Size) 0mm 0in
3 Reach 400mm 15.7in
4 Stack 530mm 20.9in
5 Chainstay Length 500mm 19.7in
6 Standover Height 770mm 30.3in
7 Head Angle 62° -
8 Seat Angle ° -
9 Head Tube Length 140 mm 5.5 in
10 Fork Length 575mm 22.6in
11 Front Center 655mm 25.8in
12 BB (Bottom Bracket) Drop 0mm 0in
13 Fork Offset 15mm 0.6in
14 Wheelbase 1160mm 45.7in
15 Total Length 1740mm 68.5in
16 Max Seat Height 830mm 32.7in
17 Min Seat Height 830mm 32.7in
18 Handlebar Height 1200mm 47.2in
19 Weight (Without Battery) 34kg 75lb
1 Effective Top Tube Length 700mm 27.6in
2 Seat Tube Length (Classic Bike Size) 0mm 0in
3 Reach 420mm 16.5in
4 Stack 570mm 22.4in
5 Chainstay Length 520mm 20.5in
6 Standover Height 860mm 33.9in
7 Head Angle 62° -
8 Seat Angle ° -
9 Head Tube Length 140 mm 5.5 in
10 Fork Length 640mm 25.2in
11 Front Center 690mm 27.2in
12 BB (Bottom Bracket) Drop 0mm 0in
13 Fork Offset 15mm 0.6in
14 Wheelbase 1200mm 47.2in
15 Total Length 1860mm 73.2in
16 Max Seat Height 910mm 35.8in
17 Min Seat Height 910mm 35.8in
18 Handlebar Height 1280mm 50.4in
19 Weight (Without Battery) 35.4kg 78lb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Braxton Goudie
Outstanding bike!

I have had this bike as my daily commuter for about a year at this point and have put over a thousand miles on it. So far I have only had to do basic repairs such as tires and and brakes. This bike is extremely reliable, I used it for hours on the coldest day of my region (-30), in monsoon season and in the humid heat and it hasn’t lost any performance in speed or pick up. Very well built and great for cities and off-roading. Only thing I would recommend getting is a different set of grips for the handlebars as they didn’t fit my hand very well. Other than that this bike is one of the most reliable electric bikes I have ever ridden. Would recommend!

Linnell Dean
Still waiting

Had the bike a little under a month bike was not working when I took it out the box waiting on replacement parts so haven’t had a chance to even ride it yet

Linnell Dean
Moto review

Not sure yet had the bike almost a month haven’t had a chance to ride it because when I received the bike a error code came up & been waiting on replacement parts every since.

Charles St-Louis


Sarah Kemp de Gereda
Moto is amazeballs

Buying another one pronto! Love it!!!!!

Megan Demyen

Really great bike!!

Mike Ernst
Excellent Quality

No complaints whatsoever

Scott Carpenter
Biktrix Moto

I really like the size of the larger frame, I’m 6’4” and it’s a perfect fit. The larger 24” tires help give it good height, and it handles really nice. An excellent bike to cruise with, and awesome range to match! Hint…hint….It would be cool to see a hot-rodded, Biktrix limited edition of the MOTO with a 1000w hub or two, twist style half throttle, and maybe full suspension.😮 Just dreaming out loud. I would definitely recommend the Moto to anyone, I’m very happy with my purchase, nice work Biktrix team!

Shaun Ingalls
Broken parts and careless pre assembly

Been waiting since it showed up to use.broken parts and still waiting for a response from company Representative to get back to me

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