Magura Vyron Wireless Dropper Seatpost

Sale price $499.00 Regular price$599.00
Sale price $499.00 Regular price$599.00


Fits 2019 Juggernaut Ultra and Ultra FS bikes.

No cables, no laborious cable routing. The VYRON eLECT Seatpost with wireless remote control is a technical trailblazer. It won the ‘Gold’ medal in the Design & Innovation Award 2016.

  • Adjustment via air spring
  • hydraulic clamping via MAGURA Royal Blood
  • high speed of reaction and travel
  • easy installation without cables - plug n' play


  • Power supply:
    • Remote: CR-2032 button battery.
    • Seat post: NiMH rechargeable battery with micro USB charge socket. Charge time approx. 3 hours. A full charge is sufficient for around 400 actuations of the dropper, or around two months.
  • Travel variants:
    • 150 mm (stepless)
  • Total length:
    • 446 mm
  • Available diameters:
    • 30.9 mm
  • Minimum plug-in depth: 120 mm
  • Saddle clamp: 2 bolt system
  • Seat post offset: 0 mm
  • Weight: just 595 g including remote

Includes: Seatpost eLECT remote control and Remote Cap
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Wireless Dropper Post

A dropper post or dropper seatpost is an accessory that a lot of mountain bikers are highly enjoying right now, and for good reason. A dropper post is pretty simple but serves an important function; it allows you to drop or raise your bike seat quickly and easily out on the trails. Traditional dropper posts work much the same as a desk chair does, with a lever that you use to lower or raise the seat. But there’s a way to do things that is even easier than that, and that’s a dropper seatpost with wireless remote control. With the simple click of a button, you can lower or raise your seat as you’re going down the trails, changing your position to suit the trail. This technical trailblazer makes the life of any mountain biker that much easier, and we have it available here at Biktrix. Choose to buy from Biktrix when you need any eBike accessories, spare parts, or eBike replacement batteries for your bike to ensure you get quality and good value for your money.

Benefits of a Dropper Seatpost

So why should you upgrade your bike with a dropper post, and who will benefit from one? When mountain biking, you know that center of gravity is very important to your riding experience. Some aggressive parts of a trail are ones where you would benefit greatly from a lower center of gravity, which is where it’s extremely convenient to have a dropper post. You can drop your seat immediately, without stopping, and then stand on your pedals while you raise it again once you’ve made it through that section of the trail. A properly used dropper seat lets you make the most out of your biking experience and up your game. A wireless dropper post makes this even easier than with a pedal. Those who would most benefit from a dropper seatpost are intermediate to advanced mountain bikers who want to tackle aggressive trails.

Choosing the Magura Vyron

If you’re looking to buy a wireless dropper post, we recommend the Magura Vyron Wireless Dropper Seatpost as one of the best on the market. This clever little gadget is a dropper seatpost with wireless remote control and won Gold in the Design & Innovation Award 2016. It’s easy to install and has a high speed of travel and reaction. The remote only takes three hours to reach full charge, which then usually lasts about two months depending on usage. The Magura Vyron is incredibly easy to use and will enhance the mountain biking experience of any rider. Choosing a cheaper dropper post usually results in difficulties or the dropper being worn out in a few months, which might lead you to spend more money in the long run. This wireless dropper post, however, can be relied on for a long time to come. If you already own a Biktrix bike, then the Magura Vyron fits the Juggernaut Ultra and Ultra FS all terrain ebikes. If you’re unsure if it will fit yours, contact our team and we’ll help you out.

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Magura Vyron wireless dropper seatpost