Biktrix Stunner

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Cruisers are some of the most comfortable bikes to ride. Their comfort is accredited to it's laid-back style frame, sit-up straight riding position and relaxed shoulder level arm height. We take this already comfortable ride to the next level with our electric cruiser, the Stunner. With an incredible range of more than 60 km (37+ miles) on a single charge, the Stunner will get you where you need to be and more. The 500W mid-motor has got more umph than most electric bikes in the market today.


Built to last. Here's a video from out customer Tom out in Mississippi. 4500 miles on his first gen Stunner.



Fully loaded weight 50 lbs (22.67 kg)
Motor 48V750W Bafang
Battery 48V 11.6Ah/14Ah
Battery weight 7 lbs (3.17 kg)
Motor weight 8.5 lbs (3.85 kg)
Frame types High-Step (Charcoal grey), Step-Thru (Pearl white)
Frame size 19"
Frame material 6061 Aluminum
Frame colours Pearlescent Creme, Pearlescent Charcoal
Frame fork Rigid
Attachment points Fender Bosses, Rear Rack Bosses
Gears 7 speed internal hub Shimano Nexus gears
Shifter details SIS Thumb Shifter
Pedals Wellgo Aluminum Alloy Platform
Headset Neco
Stem Neco, Adjustable Angle
Brakes Front disc brakes, Rear high performance drum brakes, Levers with Integrated Motor Inhibitor
Grips Ergonomic, Rubber
Saddle Velo Oversized Cruiser
Rims Double Walled Aluminum, CNC Sidewall
Spokes Black, Stainless Steel, 13 Gauge
Tire Kenda, 26
Tire details K-Shield Puncture Resistant, Reflective Sidewall Stripe
Tube details Schrader Valve
Accessories Side-Mounted Adjustable Length Kickstand, Plastic Chain Guide, Bell, Independent LED Headlight and Backlight



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Fat bike comparisons:

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Motor Bafang BBSHD 1000W  Bafang BBS02B 750W  Bafang Max 350W  Bafang Ultra 1000W
Max power from Motor 1500W 1200W 600W 1500W
Transmission Deore 10S  Altus 7S  Deore 9S Deore 9S
Battery 48V 11.6Ah 48V 11.6Ah 36V 17Ah 48V 11.6Ah 
48V 17Ah
Throttle Yes Yes No Yes
Pedal Assist (PAS) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Torque assist No No Yes Yes
Brakes Mechanical Disc Mechanical Disc Hydraulic Disc Mechanical Disc
Integrated front lights Yes Yes Yes Yes
Frame size M - 18" frame M - 18" frame M - 18" frame M - 18" frame
Aluminium Frame 6061 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suspension Fork Yes Yes Optional Yes
Wheel Size 26" x 4"  26" x 4"  26" x 4"  26" x 4" 
Fenders Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight 62 58 56 58

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