Bar End Bike Mirror - Single

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Sale price $16.00
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Circular bar-end mirrors. Sold individually, order two for a set of left and right.

Mirror fits on the inside diameter of the handlebar within 1.74-2.2cm. 

  • The mirror is NOT compatible with Juggernaut Ultra Duo 2, Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3, Juggernaut Hub Duo, Swift Lite Step-Thru and Biktrix Challenger.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Yvonne Greenough

Great for safety.

Kent Wedewer

Bar End Bike Mirror - Single

Harry Kahl
Kickstand and lack of key lockout

Your kickstand is made from pot metal and breaks easily. I need a key to remove my battery yet anyone can touch. my power button and drive away. Pleasedont tell me I didn't spend 4600.00 on something I could of bought from Costco for 1100.00 and it comes with a no questions return policy. I was looking for an ebike that simply made my commute easier. That only happened to a degree. The juggernaut is a powerful rugged piece of equipment unfortunately if you are an aggressive rider as I am this bike is not for you. I was intrigued by the juggernaut ability to go off road but only if you choose to expieriance a 5 minute ride. The other thing that bothers me is that juggernaut boasts a 75 kilometer distance on one charge and that is unadulterated bullshit!!!! I have a 15 kilometer ride to work and no matter what my setting options are and no matter how hard I peddle my battery is dead after 14 kilometers. My Forman at work has an electric that looks a lot like a motor cycle and it holds a charge under load for over 4 hours minimum. Nice ride Biktrix but if you want to be around for more than the next few years Ramp up your engineering because we are entering the electrical age. Would I buy another Biktrix under current specifications...... not a chance! I would much rather ride my mountain bike up the 3 kilometer hill than push, ya I said push because when the Biktrix battery goes flat not only do you not have drive but even with the power off you are not just riding a bike but are also exerting the effort to peddle through the drive which doesn't disengage. Nice bike but attention to detail was not addressed. On a scale of 1 to5 stars I reluctantly offer them a 2 and that only because the bike has some muscle
Would I buy another Biktrix? Not without significant improvement!

Robert Sanito

For the money they work fine.The mirror could be a little larger but they get the job done!

Greg Erker
Good mirror

Easy to mount. Stays in place even riding over bumps. Appears to be a plastic mirror. Has a bit more distortion than I’d like. Overall a good addition to my Swift.

Rick Miner


Susan Stokes
Bike mirror

Great product but disappointed in trying to install, the middle clip broke so was unable to fix, had to improvise

Lucas Lund
Too big

The inside diameter of the juggernaut ultra duo handle bar is 1.65 cm. I can’t even get the split cylinder in by itself. Can you send a mirror designed for 1.65 cm rather than the 1.74 - 2.2 cm size you sent please?


Bar End Bike Mirror - Single