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Stunner X
Good. The bike had a

Good. The bike had a loose connection in the controller that had to be taped and the front hydraulic brake had to be bled but otherwise good.

Not an easy intallation

My light isn't on my bike yet. Unbeknownst to me, since my bike didn't come with a headlight, apparently I need to pull the motor to access some wires, and then run new wires through the frame. The means getting the bike upside down and requires some tools I don't have. Also, the thick aluminum mounting plate with the 90 degree bend wasn't bent properly on my light, which means the headlight sits a bit crooked. Most people wouldn't notice, but I'm a little fussy about that sort of thing and noticed it right away. I haven't given up on it yet, though..


As expected, top notch accessories to go with a top notch bike!


Haven't used it yet but am looking forward to it.

2020 Kutty
I got problems! HELP!!

Some things i like! but it's performance is DEFICIENT! here in the hills of TENNESSEE, i can only travel less than 20 miles TRAVELING FROM MY HOME!: b/4 having to hook up and recharge the battery! plus you shipped a mirror that does not give me sight to the vehicles behind me! and the bags would not fit the bike! and you sent the wrong foot pedals !!--- they do NOT fold up! NOTICE! For this bike to get me into town and back I must get a bigger / more powerful battery. how much will a new/another battery cost me some other bikes listed on the internet have a 52 vs my 48! Can I get a larger/ more long lasting battery and be able to get into town and back yes or no what is the cost for a new battery that will fit and give me a battery swap to make it to town and back Please call me and let me know! my phone is =865-982-3938-- Thanks ! lamar!

canvas pannier bags

Handy as anything. Lots of storage with no interference to rider

juggernaut hd

I am amazed at the power it has and I love the way it looks! Wish I could make it go faster than 20 mph though

Why spend more for the same or less

Glad I bought from Biktrix because if you have a question or concerns they will work with you to get the issues taken care of what more can you ask for, also why pay more for other brands that have same equipment for a lot more money in some cases.

I enjoyed the semi- challenging

I enjoyed the semi- challenging assembly of my Biktrix Juggernaut classic and I learned a lot about how this amazing machine works. I got lots of help and support from the Biktrix crew when I needed it. I love cruising around on my new bike and can't wait to take it with me on my next camping and biking adventure.

Battery Upgrade

So far so good as long as it does what its supposed to it awsome !

Great value, great bike

Excellent. We have taken longer rides than ever before possible. At 75 I enjoy the pedal assist for climbing hills and the throttle when I really need a rest but want to keep going. There is more than enough power. It’s quiet and totally enjoyable.

Great bags

The people at Biktrix have been absolutely the best!! The bags are well built and fit nice, plan on using them in the near future.

OMG Juggernaut Excitement !

Purchasing anything online can be a risky Business and a bad experience, especially comming from another country! I trusted my Cannadian Brothers and this Ride exceeded my expectations. I am like a little boy with his first Bike and its not my farthers bike. Its a lean mean machine ! Once it stands the test of time I will give my final report! Tomorrow I am going to put it to the test 30 miles round trip through roads, bridges trails and beach. Stay tuned, Keep you posted !

Roomy and well made pannier bags.

I used these bags on my Juggernaut Ultra 1000 on a long hunting trip and they have a ton of space. I took extra clothes, food etc. and still had plenty of room. The extra pockets come in handy for organizing my extras.

Hose to short. No bleed kit.

Waiting to hear back from Alex Willems about bleed kit. I believe I am missing a bleed kit. And the rear brake line is way to short. I need at least 2100mm for my fat tire electric rear brake.

Great team with hard to find top products.

Not easy getting 4-piston brakes with a Bafang motor cut off, but Roshan and the team made it easy and shipping anywhere in the world is a breeze. Thanks so much.

Great stopping power

Added these as an upgrade to my Juggernaut Ultra. Vastly superior to the mechanical disk brakes on my old bike! A must when flying down hill at 40 mph on a 70lb bike!

Tektro E725 - only place in North America

First off, Roshan and team are the guys to work with. I built a custom bike from a Yuba Mundo Lux. Strapped a Bafang BBSHD to it and the stock brakes couldn't handle the force needed to stop me and my kids.

Doing a bit of research, I wanted integrated sensor cables to make sure everything thing worked, everytime over the magnets and tape method.

Found biktrix online and reached out via chat to make sure I was getting the right parts. They asked for pictures to make sure I bought the right mounts (IS) for my bike. A step above what I was expecting.

Received the parts and installed them. One rotor was bent and reached out and they sent a replacement. No hassle, just "we understand, it's on its way."

Great customer service, shipping was fast international, I would buy from them again. And now I have confidence that my bike can, and will stop with out shaking now that I have better brakes.


How are GP1 comfy grips

These grips are great! They help me take longer rides with less stress on my hands and wrists. They are well worth the cost.

Thanks Biktrix!

poor shipping

Well considering I still haven't gotten a delivery a month after order - its poor. I'm hoping today.

Pannier Bags

I like the construction of the canvas bags and they carry a lot. I also love that the black matches my bike!

Amazing battery.

I am getting about 42 miles of travel on 35v 17ah battery on my 250w ebike at 18mph in vero beach Florida USA.
Great battery . Definitely will buy another when needed. THANKS biketrix

Great Bikes from a Great Company

We spent a lot of time researching various bikes from several vendors and decided to buy 2 Stunners, one for me, one for my wife. Customer pre-sales support was excellent, including very fast delivery to the USA (5 days!) Setup took perhaps 2 minutes and only the supplied multi-tool.

We’ve ridden about 200 miles already over the first month, including a couple of 30 mile loops in hilly terrain and on gravel roads even a 8 mile dirt path. I can’t say enough about the design, ease of use, and comfort of these miracle machines!

Battery purchased

Wow what customer service they went and measured one of there 48v short battery’s for me. it worked perfect on my other brand fat bike which only sold a 10.4amp battery but the bike comes with a 20 amp controller so 17amp is great almost double the range

Excellent owner and product

Rashan is always available when I had questions and followed up with what he said right away.. Very happy products and my backup batteries