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Amazing bike

Great MTB, a little heavy but very solid bike. May have to do some adjustments to your fit but that’s any full suspension bike.

disappointed with Biktrix Armadillo Front Fender

The fender kinda works, but in my opinion is not worth the price. It's an oversized and rather ugly, cheap looking piece of plastic held to the bike with zip ties. I'm sure there are better more attractive options for probably half the price. The bike is beautiful, this makes it look cheap.

I have only been able to get out around town and it worked well. Looking forward to getting out this weekend in the mountains!

Last minute purchase

Don’t like how bulky it is not fit a bike used for mountain biking. Was suggested by one of your staff and just agreed but when I received it I realized it just wouldn’t work.

Almost perfect, tough to fault this bike.

Almost perfect, tough to fault this bike. It's my second Ultra. Full suspension this time and I went with the 52v battery. I would say closer to 20% increase over the 17Ah 48v. More power and more range. I will gear down the front chainring to atleast a 40t, maybe 36t. I like more power, I don't need 35mph speed. I love the fact I can re-tune the Ultra motor. The assist levels are not tuned to my taste . The Ultra motor and the Biktrix Ultra FS are a BEAST!!!

Stunner X
We now have two.

My wife loves the Emerald Green. My Sandstone has been perfect and both surpass any low cost models we have tried. Did I mention that it is the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden. It just laughs at hills too.

Stunner X
Impressive Bike

Built well. Plenty of power to get up my nearly 40 degree driveway and the mountain road.

Biktrix Review as a first time ebike purchaser

Of all the more than 50 companies of online bikes available, I searched them all (for months!) and Biktrix bike design, personalized customization, and service (email, messages, phone calls) beat all the competition. I really enjoy my Ultra 1000 (with A bars, quad brakes, thudbuster ) for its comfortable ride and power when I need it. Glad to recommend Biktrix. If you inquire their website and make an apptmnt to do a virtual session
with one of their people, you'll understand what its all about!!

cell mount

Dissappointed mount does not hold iphone with a protective cover installed..(Otterbox Case)

The Beast Rocks

We bought a Juggernaut Ultra Beast and it is correctly named. This is our 6th electric bike and we couldn’t be happier. Stop shopping elsewhere and buy a Biktrix, you’ll be glad you did.

Swift Lite
Love this bike

Very happy with my purchase!

Big upgrade on stock seat

I used the original seat a couple of times and then swapped it out for the new one. Went more miles over rougher conditions and the new wider one was clearly more rear end friendly. I'm glad I got it!

Great unboxing experience. All well packed. Easy assembly. Bike works as advertised. Very powerful assist. Gear shifter needs tweaking. Trying to get used to the hunched over mountain bike posture after riding a cruiser for a while.

ExaForm dropper seatpost is decent

For an inexpensive dropper/suspension seatpost, the Exaform 861 works well. Makes the seat height easy to adjust and provides some cushioning. There are two negatives. the externally mounted cable is about 4 inches too short. My ebike has a 2 3/4" handlebar rise, so the cable is stretched out of position. When I place my rear end on the seat, it lowers about one inch.

Comfy grips

The Hafny HF-600 grips are comfortable. The position is easy to adjust, but the screws have to be cranked down hard to keep them from moving. I think they are $10 overpriced.

Lots of power from my new bike. And I can ride wherever I want without having to worry about having enough power to get me back home.

Greatest Toy EVER!

Exceeded my expectations. Smooth ride, great range, attentive customer support. Thanks Biktrix for the product and looking forward to great riding for years to come…..

Stunner X

Love it

Stunner X
My Stunner X

My Stunner X is a great bike. I am new to ebike riding but every time out I am getting more comfortable. It was only two weeks from order to delivery, even with customs, which in itself is great service! You are quick to answer every question. I am happy with my Stunner!

Stunner LT
Easy and Helpful

The website was clear and it was easy to determine which model I wanted. The e-chats were helpful with all my questions and I received by bike within the timeframe Biktrix said I would. I also appreciated the special help I got when I told them I wanted a second bike. I wish this company great success; they deserve it!

Juggernaut Ultra Beast

Love my e-bike it's great, though I had a surprise when I put it together it's a hell of a lot bigger in person than in the pictures, it almost looks like a motorcycle it truly is a beast. but it's a great e-bike very comfortable, great ride no regrets here love it.


Very nice

Stunner X
Bikes do not work

Had problems with the chain on 2 bikes, problems with the thud buster stem angling the seat upwards in the front, the chain slipped off the derailer and locked up against within the derailer. Finally, the 17.5 amp battery lasted only 10 miles. The bikes are terrible.

Stunner X
Awesome bike!

Ordered two stunner xs. Both came in a timely fashion. Packaging was perfect and the bikes were very easy to put together. Quality all the way. Very nice bikes! They ride comfortably and perform great. Really makes bike riding fun again! Hats off to Biktrix and their customer service. Best company I’ve delt with in a very long time. I would say 2nd to none at this point!