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Replacement Battery
charlie Mercado

Great battery 52v 16ah however I'm getting better range from my replacement battery then the main battery which is 52v 17ah on pedal assist 2 I am getting 33 miles on the replacement battery and only 22 miles on the main battery

Juggernaut Ultra 1000 Duo Step Thru 3” Tires

Bike has performed perfectly. As with all new bikes make sure you check that all nuts an bolts are tight.

Juggernaut DUO Ultra Step-Over

Great bike!

Best thing Ever! So much fun for bike riders, hills are no problem.

Stunner LT
Athena Adkins
A while new world!

I haven’t ridden a bike in 30 years. My husband rides and I wanted to be able to go with him… not to mention having another option for transportation. I’ve only had my bike for a week, but every ride has been a joy. I’m learning to love to ride again. Thank you.

A great bike. Very well built. I haven't rode a lot yet, but will be able to soon.

Great bike. Waited awhile for it and I'm glad I did. Put her together, charged it up and went on a little ride. Runs along at about 22 mph without much effort. 50 - 60 miles on it and looks like it will be around here for awhile. Lots of people anxious to look at this bike. Seems to be exactly what they are looking for. Thanks for a great bike

Juggernaut DUO Ultra Step-Thru
Harriet Carpenter
Juggernaut Duo Ultra Step-Thru

So far , I love this bike, however, an issue with the charger and battery has grounded me for a while. I look forward to resolving the issues and returning to riding.

Derailleur Hangers
Wayne Hovland
Replacement Derailleur Hanger for Stunner X

Accidentally damaging my new-ish Stunner X's Derailleur and the Hanger required replacing both. All bike parts (especially E-Bikes) are scarce and are very difficult to get. I had to purchase a different model derailleur (better, but more expensive) but the Derailleur hanger bracket must be the 'right one'.
I think Biktrix is a great company. I would buy another bike from them without question.
The caveat: I received, from them, a replacement hanger that wasn't the correct one. It was the only one they had listed for my bike; was not sent until I'd spoken with at least 2 Biktrix representatives; was very expensive however they sent it priority/Fed-Ex.
2 weeks from order to receive part that took 3 days to get here. The part was wrong: however I modified it and managed to get it to work eventually. I will ad that while waiting, I did find the exact replacement hanger bracket from 2 other vendors, average cost just over $5 each, shipped. I received them 1 day after Biktrix item came that I'd modified and installed immediately.
The replacement derailleur I had to buy (online elsewhere, Biktrix did not have this) was exactly the same mounting (my new replacement was the Deore model, stock-original was the Aliva model). I'm happily riding again is the end result.
Summary: Hard to get part supplied required modification even tho' it was quite expensive. Biktrix did all they could in light of parts shortages. Even going so far as to upgrade shipping for me.

Stunner LT
Jeffrey Lear
Excellent product the Stunner LT

Excellent product the Stunner LT

My third ebike

This bike is the best it is one great ride.👍😀👍

Biktrix A-Bars
Mark J DeLitta
Better than stock.

I like them better than the stock handlebars. Very comfortable.

Juggernaut Ultra FS
Kevin Nielsen
My favorite

Hi folks, I've been riding bikes in the Vermont woods for over 50 years now. Bicycles and motorcycles. The range of riding opportunities with an e mtb is awsome. Most mtb trail networks allow emtb around here. Best of both worlds, the freedom of bicycling and the pwoer of moto. Ride almost anywhere, single track, rails trails, bike paths, jeep roads, main roads. Freedom to ride and no license or registration taxes to hassle with.
I've owned over 50 different motorcycles and over a dozen bicycles, this Ultra FS is hands down my favorite. The suspension is amazingly compliant, especially the inverted fork. Non inverted forks tend to bend under heavy downhill braking, essentially locking out do to stiction. This inverted fork works freely even under severe braking loads. The rear suspension is super too. Motor power is super smooth. The eco and sport settings are very useful, sport giving much more high cadence boost perfect climbing. It is nice to have the eco for road and sport for the trail. Mr. Roshan has done a great job programming this motor.
There have been complaints over the weight of some of these emtb's.
Some claiming that 80lbs is too heavy, some spending more then twice the price of the FS in order to get bike weight below 60lbs. This is due in part to comparing ebikes to bicycles. If you compare the emtb to a motorcycle the ebike is a feather weight. Super light moto dirtbikes are 200 to 350lbs! These ebikes cannot really be called bicycles or motorcycles, they are a unique breed of cat requiring specialized riding technique to operate.
See u on the trail.
Thanks you Biktrix for a great ride!

Brake Pads - Biktrix & Tektro - XD E300, E350, E500


I love it my Duo Step Thru. Arrived in pristine condition. The service was excellent and I'm loving how responsive it is!

Stunner X
Barry Gramm
Stunner X

Great bike. A couple of minor gripes though:
1. Luggage rack came with a couple deep scatters on top in the paint/powdercoat
2. After airing up the tires, the rear tire went completely flat overnight, found the valve core was loose, tightened it, reinflated and all is well now
3. No reflectors installed on spokes (standard for 24" model?)

As I said, these are very minor gripes for a great product, thanks for asking about it too. I plan to purchase another, probably the Juggernaut AD.

Mudhugger fenders
randy button

So far so good. Wish you would ship parts to Alaska.

Stunner LT
Marie Doucette
Seat issue

I think the seat stem should have more adjustable options. It seems to place me pretty much over the peddles and my body wants to be back further than that.
I would like to see baskets for the front and back that fit. There isn’t enough length in the wires for other baskets. Otherwise... I’m loving it!

Stunner LT
Lynn Hall
Great but too tall

I love the bike but it was advertised for as short as 4’8”. I’m 5’2” and when on the seat I can only touch the ground with my tip toes. Read some 5’ said she can’t ride her’s at all. Bike is well made, easy to assemble and I really love it but wanted my feet more firmly on the ground.

Bad customer service.

I wanted to return it unopened but was told that you could not return ordered accessories . What good company does that?

Great looks and comfort

These make a Juggernaut more upright and comfortable for me. Look cool while doing it as well.


Makes the ride very nice on the butt!

Juggernaut Classic Duo Step Over

I waited about 6 months for this the bike to arrive and it was well worth it. It is a beast of a bike. Setup was pretty straight forward. The ride and power are really nice. The bike is awesome. Thanks Roshan and Biktrix team for a great product. and great service.

T Shirts
Susan Bowser
T-shirt is great!

Hubby loves his shirt. Soft and true to fit. He’s pretty stocky build; large fits well.

Have to say that the “sign for delivery” requirement is a little overkill, but otherwise, good purchase.