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Smooth your ride

While I have ridden less than 50 miles on my new bike, the added seat suspension smoothed out the hard jolts of riding on uneven terrain, worth the investment.

A+ A-Bar

A Great handle bar if you are looking for that cruiser upright feel. Very sturdy lots of bar Realestate to install phone holders and a liquid refreshment holder...

Awesome EBike

It’s just ok

Seat was very difficult to adjust for my height and then sometimes just slowly drops down. It doesn’t stay where I adjusted it.

Kind Shock ExaForm 861 Suspension Dropper Seatpost

This lock is secure and compact and would be very difficult to cut. just what I needed.

Very convenient

The black panniers have worked very well to carry bike security items and water bottles.

Stunner Step-Thru

Jugger Review

Your order fulfillment process was great with multiple emails indicating the state of the order. I received my bike in a little over a week which was way better than I had anticipated. The bike arrive in nearly perfect shape with a slightly bent front disk. I was able to straighten it with minimal effort. You offered to have it repaired at your expense which was an excellent way to deal with the issue.

I found your instruction for assembly a bit awkward having to refer to the website and videos. A simple getting started instruction sheet packaged with the bike with lots of pictures would have been easier IMO.

I've been riding mountain bikes for 25 years now so setting up the bike and suspension was not an issue. I ride mostly single track so I got the 27.5 wheels which is better suited for the type of riding I do. My main bike is a Klein Palomino (dating myself I know) which is an excellent XC bike. That said the Juggernaut's considerable rake makes it far less maneuverable in the tight stuff. Some riding adjustment has largely compensated for that. The disk brake pads are a little noisy on heavy breaking. I'm sure it can be corrected with a different compound. For now I'll live with the noise.

I find the Ultra drive to be the perfect match for this type of bike. The feel of the assist is very natural and the cutoff for both the brakes and shifting is an absolute must . I almost exclusively ride at Eco Level 1 which allows me to get some exercise while enjoying the extended rides.

The suspension works great and between the travel and the 3" tires the bike is very smooth over the roots and the traction is great.

I'm very pleased with the bike and find it to be an added experience to my mountain biking. I still ride the Klein and equally enjoy that as well.

I would recommend this bike to others but would warn them of the feel of the increased rake.

Take care,
Rudy Gamberini

Haven’t received bike

Take My Money

Want to enjoy the ride? Get the A~Bars!

Order 5599

The bike came with the fork unattached, and parts missing. After a lengthy effort by my husband, an exchange was to happen. I just received the replacement bike yesterday. However, Biketrix has now sent the wrong color. So, not doing so well to date. I am currently waiting for a response as to the next exchange.

Great bike!

I’ve taken my new Juggernaut Ultra 1000 pro out a couple of times now. Really enjoy the power and ride. Great build quality!

Stunner X
Great so far!

Everything was received on time and as ordered. Given the weather we've only ridden a few times, but what we've done, we couldn't be more excited. Can't wait for warmer weather, and can't wait for my Juggernaut Duo to come in April!

Sent wrong part

Ordered a retention dorado battery holder and was sent wrong part different then description and photo on website. Now I have to deal with contacting them and sending the part back.

I received my order in record time, 3days, very impressed with customer service.

awesome customer service, awesome bikes

Mr Goodbar

A nice bar if you want some setback. My only complaint - threaded screw holes, I’m guessing for mounting headlight, but no screws came with it.

Old man on a ebike

I've had my Jug.Ultra 1000 for two weeks and have over a hundred miles on it. I am 77 years old and live at the top of a hill, with hills all around me. So far, the bike has been everything I'd hoped for. It has plenty of torque for climbing and it has allowed me to bike up to 20 miles with no issues. Well, that's not totally accurate, the seat after 20 miles will make you aware of your age. I am already shopping for a softer seat since I want to take longer rides. Anyway, the bike is good quality at a very fair price, and I am totally satisfied with my purchase. Plus, it's a beauty to look at and I've had several compliments and questions about it. Thanks BikTrix.

Great quality, great bike, great support...

From the start of my “eBike buying journey” to receiving my Stunner X, my experience with Biktrix has been well-above normal in every way. High quality build, great ride, and exceptionally support. 10 stars all the way. My only “problem” was self-inflicted, and I got incredible support from Biktrix.

Deep Pockets

These are very nice Panniers and well made offering a lot of deep pockets for storage.

Pannier bags.

Product looks great and sturdy. Will have to wait till we can try them out

bad tire

Seems to be a well-built bike, although the back tire has a continuous slow leak in it which is pretty much a bummer. so before I can even go ride it much I have to get it fixed. The tire was off the rim on part of it.

Love Love Love it!

I absolutely love everything about this bike!

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