Reviews - Old


The Juggernaut is a hell of a bike. I've ridden now more than ever before. I take the Juggernaut anywhere with full confidence. I have been riding your bike in the back woods like crazy. Works GREAT!

- Sam P, Wisconsin

"I now ride the Juggernaut in places that I would never go with an ordinary bike. It just rolls over rocks like they don't even exist. My fully rigged up Juggernaut looks like a little Harley. I couldn't be happier."

- Steve H, California

" Riding on rocks has never been this much fun before."

- Godfrey, Toronto, Canada

"We use the Juggernaut to reach the toughest of places. Juggernauts are our work bikes. We haul chainsaws and other tools using this bike on some of the toughest trails in the North American Rockies"

- Alberta Parks Division, Alberta, Canada


"It [The Stunner] looks great and will be a fabulous commuter bike.

But most exciting of all...I discovered the "levels."! I only made it to Level 2. I cannot even imagine the power of Level 5....

I have about 34 miles on the battery right now, and it still seems to show three bars most of the time ...

I am really enjoying my Stunner bike. Here is a photo of the bike with rack, mirror and fenders."


- Wendy C - Seattle Area, WA

"Yes I got it [the Stunner] about noon, and yes I do like it very much. I'm quite fussy, I can't find a thing I don't like about it.   

1) The wheels are very straight (which is a little rare I usually spend a bit of time on a new bike truing the wheels a bit.

2) The bike feels very solid.

3) tires are the right size with enough cushion for me, seat comfortable.

4) The brakes were smooth, (unlike the IGO mid-drive I tried which I could feel the splice in the wheels)

5) Most importantly, good power. (also unlike the IGO mid-drive) I tried it on my hill, about 7% and 1/4 mile long, went up in third gear, medium power, I didn't help much either, speed was 22 KPH.   

I was almost "expecting" to not like something, but all good. Of course it will be some time before I can get any actual miles on it. "

-Rick S, Nova Scotia, Canada

I thought that you would be pleased to hear that every time I take my Juggernaut out in public, someone comes up to me and asks about the Bike. Kids riding in Mom's backseat have poked their heads out the window all smiles, hoping to get a better look as they pass. It appears that the Juggernaut is an instant celebrity.

- Mitch B, Wisconsin, USA


biktrix juggernaut in San Francisco California

I've just completed 1000 miles with the bike. It is still awesome! In the 1000 miles, I have had almost zero issues. Issue I had a while back is that while on a trail I hit a tree stump with the pedal (very mildly) but after that the pedal always slightly hit against the frame. That problem went away by itself about 20 miles later. I am still very happy with the bike! :)

- M Klose, San Francisco, CA, USA