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Add a range-extender battery at a discounted price?

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Duo Range Extender

Pick the best battery for your ride.We often recommend getting a battery that's larger than what you need because nobody complains of too much range...

Choose your range-extender battery because you can never have too much battery. 

$399.00 USD

Estimated range is an estimate based on customer feedback from over 15k customers.  

Choose your fork:

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Duo Fork Options
Forks can substantially change the quality of your ride. For this reason, we offer 3 choices of forks.

RST Guide:this is the best entry level suspension fork. With a basic lockout and spring suspension, this fork is bulletproof and a great workhorse. Most of you would be more than happy with this fork. Not suitable for riders over 280lbs. Note that this is the default fork.

Aluminum Rigid fork:as the name suggests, this is a rigid fork. Ie. No spring/suspension. Many commuters and heavier riders prefer this fork as it offers a stiffer ride and much heavier payload. This fork is recommended for riders over 280lbs.

DNM USD-6:this is a great performance inverted fork. Enjoy a plush and uncompromised ride. Supports riders up to 330lbs.

Change fork from RST GUIDE to:

$0.00 USD

Choose your brakes:

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Duo Brake Option
Biktrix Dual Piston Hydraulic Brakes:these are great entry level brakes. Offering much better performance than comparable mechanical brakes.

Tektro E725 Quad Piston Hydraulic Brakes: great quality hydraulic brakes that are made in Taiwan. Only caveat - they often run out of stock and are hard to find.

Magura Mt5e Quad Piston Hydraulic Brakes:top performing quad piston hydraulic brakes made in Germany. These are the best hydraulic brakes for the money offering incredible stopping power. If you live in a fairly hilly region, we definitely recommend this upgrade. 

All our brake upgrades are installed on the bike prior to shipping.

Upgrade brakes from Biktrix Dual Piston Brakes to:
$0.00 USD

Choose your headlight:

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Duo Headlight Options
Stock 200 lumen headlight:these are great headlight to be seen. They are wired in to the main ebike battery so you never have to worry about recharging it.

Armageddon 2000W headlight:This headlight turns night into day. Be seen and see everything in front of you. 

The light upgrade is installed on the bike prior to shipping. 

Upgrade stock headlight to:
$0.00 USD$0.00 USD

Other Accessories

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Canvas Pannier Bags
$99.00 USD
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Cell Phone Mount
$25.00 USD
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Biktrix A-Bars
$80.00 USD
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Bafang Programming Cable
$34.99 USD
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Accessory Extension Mount
$15.00 USD