The best way to ensure a fit is to check this measurement on your existing bike’s normal riding seat position;

If this measurement is equal to or MORE than the minimum seat height of the selected model then the selected frame size will work, however, if it is LESS you need to select a smaller frame.


If you do not have a bike then measure your inseam like this;

For most riders, the frame will work if their inseam is at least 2 inches less than the minimum seat height in inches. For example, a rider with an inseam of 28 inches can fit on a bike with a minimum seat height of 30 inches (30 - 2 = 28).

If you want to have a flat foot on the ground while on a full stop then your inseam must be equal to or greater than the minimum seat height listed for that frame size.

If you are selecting a step-over frame, ensure that the standover height listed is less than your inseam size.


    When in doubt, pick the smaller frame. You can always raise the seat up higher.

    If you need help with this, feel free to send us a note.