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All-Terrain Electric Bikes

The fastest, most rugged electric bikes in the Biktrix collection. Biktrix all-terrain fat tire eBikes have super powerful motors with more than enough torque to have you very comfortably climbing the steepest hills you can find.

Comfort Cruiser Electric Bikes

A Biktrix electric cruiser offers a relaxed and reliable ride. Get all of the physical benefits of powering the bike on your own, and know that pedal assist is always there when you need it. Stylish and cushy, Biktrix cruisers are available in step over or step thru frames, for easy entry. Suitable for electric bike riders of all ages.

Commuter Electric Bikes

Pure comfort combined with impeccable acceleration is the best way to get around the city. Biktrix electric commuters are functional and fast. Arrive refreshed at your destination on a motor assisted electric commuter from Biktrix.

Folding Electric Bikes

Biktrix folding electric bikes, like the Kutty, are perfect if you're lacking storage space or you’re a commuter who needs to carry your bike around more. Biktrix folding eBikes are lightweight, safe, powerful and durable. Easy to fold and easy to ride.