Batteries are one of those things that you usually do not want to skimp on. We never hear anyone complaining that they get too much range from a charge. This is why we recommend getting the biggest battery you can afford.

Biktrix is proud to offer some of the largest ebike batteries on the market. Even when you pick our smallest battery option, it is often much larger than the largest offered by our competitors.

A good way to estimate approximate ride time is as follows:

  1. Calculate/check the Wh (Watt-hour) rating of the battery. This is V x Ah. Eg. 52V x 10Ah = 520Wh
  2. Check the wattage of the motor on the bike you’re considering. Eg. 500W
  3. This means that if you had to use this 500W bike at full power with a 520Wh battery, you would get roughly 520Wh/500W = ~1hour of riding.

[Batteries are like energy tanks on an eBike. Using our high capacity automotive-grade cell Battery Packs ensures that you can travel longer distances without the need for frequent recharges. Since batteries take time to recharge, buying the largest capacity that you can afford would be the best idea.

An eBike battery is usually specced using Voltage & Amp-hours (V&Ah), therefore while comparing specs between the two batteries with the same voltage rating compare the Ah (Amp-hour) rating between them, since more Ah = more capacity.

While buying a DUO bike we highly recommend not missing the opportunity of buying a Range Extender which also functions as a Standby Spare in case the primary battery is not charged or fails.]

Note that you likely won’t be using 100% power (500W) all the time, this means you would get more range if you use lesser power.