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Juggernaut XD Duo

Sale price $5,599.00 Regular price$5,999.00
Save $400

Our flagship hard tail bike with Canadian made drivetrain and unbeatable performance

XD Package

Choose your installed package to fit your riding style; while it be cruising commutes or adventure riding

****Adventure Package doesn't include Rack & Fenders

Suspension seatposts offer great riding comfort as they absorb many of the imperfections on the road/trail.

***Adding a suspension seatpost to your eBike will increase the minimum seatpost height by 100mm/4" to 150mm/6"

Elevate your ride's comfort and control by upgrading your ebike fork, ensuring a smoother journey over any terrain.

**The Wren Fork upgrade is incompatible with available front fenders. Choosing this option will eliminate any front fender, even if the commuter package is selected.

Illuminate your path to adventure with an upgraded eBike headlight, delivering superior visibility and style for night-time riding.


Secure your investment by opting for an extended warranty through the BiktrixCare+ plan.

Shipping: Leaves within 2-4 Weeks
Sale price $5,599.00 Regular price$5,999.00
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14 Days Return
Custom Built
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Miles Range



52V 17Ah

Strong, Reliable Battery

Unmatched. Power. Reliable.

Getting plenty of power to the rear wheel is exciting, but has always come at the risk of ongoing costs in replacement parts, and time lost riding. Many casual to moderate riders will not ride hard enough to cause such issues. But for those who want to push the limits, a more robust solution was needed to build the dream e-bike machine, with extreme endurance.

Designed And Built In Canada

The XD Drive system was developed in Saskatoon, Canada, by a team of e-bike enthusiasts with a shared passion for better solutions to transportation. The global pandemic conditions forced them to improvise, adapt, and overcome, tackling the bike parts shortages, chip shortages, shipping shortages, and forces of nature simultaneously throughout development.

The resulting product and its manufacturing approaches are primed for navigating such challenges with agility, and competitive in-house solutions.

Performance. Fully Loaded.

Mid-Drive Motor

This in-house designed and tested motor feeds 2000+ Watts power through a direct drive secondary chain to the rear wheel. This means unmatched power, performance and durability!

Heavy Duty Dual Drive Chain

This rugged 219 chain can handle many times the forces a regular bike chain can. This chain is over-engineered for extreme durability!

Twist Throttle

Unleash the power of the XD Dual Drive motor with just a flick of the wrist!

220mm Rear Brake Rotor

The 220mm rear brake rotor along with Tektro Dual Piston brakes will quickly and reliably bring you to a halt.

SRAM NX Bike-Side Drivetrain

The 11-Speed SRAM NX Drivetrain on the bicycle side of the bike with a 11-42T Cassette will ensure you have the range to tackle any adventures the XD leads you to!

Armageddon Headlight

The Biktrix developed Armageddon Headlight with 2000 lumens of brightness will ensure your path stays lit up and fully visible!

Technical Specifications


6061 aluminum

front hub

135mm 36h (150mm 36h with wren fork)

seat post



Rst guide w/ lockout, preload, 80mm travel

front axle

5mm qr (15mm thru axle with wren fork)

seat post clamp



Threadless 1-1/8 1-1/2 tapered

rear hub

197mm 36h


Biktrix mid-drive motor

shifter rear

Sram nx 11 speed trigger shifter

rear axle

12mm thru axle

battery sizes

52v 17.5ah 910wh hidden battery

rear derailleur

Sram nx 11 speed


26x4 black w/ round cutouts, 27.5x3 solid black




11 speed sram 11-42t cassette

tire sizes

26x4, 27.5x3


Armageddon headlight (all), rear reflector (commuter package)


Kmc x11


780mm wide, 25mm rise w/31.8mm clamp (adventure package) / 700mm wide, 80mm rise w/31.8mm clamp (commuter package)

assist type


crank set

Short crank arms


55mm (adventure package) / 90mm (commuter package)

assist levels


bottom bracket

High strength stainless steel square tapered


Mtb grips


Low profile rh twist throttle


Tektro dual piston brakes, 220mm rear rotor, 203mm front rotor


Nebula mtb saddle (adventure package) / wide comfort seat (commuter package)


Kickstand (all), rear rack and fenders (commuter package)

brake levers

Tektro adjustable with integrated motor cutoff

Size & Fittings

1 Effective Top Tube Length 620mm 24.4in
2 Seat Tube Length (Classic Bike Size) 430mm 16.9in
3 Reach 460mm 18.1in
4 Stack 630mm 24.8in
5 Chainstay Length 520mm 20.5in
6 Standover Height 730mm 28.7in
7 Head Angle 68° -
8 Seat Angle 71° -
9 Head Tube Length 200 mm 7.9 in
10 Fork Length 530mm 20.9in
11 Front Center 790mm 31.1in
12 BB (Bottom Bracket) Drop 80mm 3.1in
13 Fork Offset 30mm 1.2in
14 Wheelbase 1320mm 52in
15 Total Length 2040mm 80.3in
16 Max Seat Height 970mm 38.2in
17 Min Seat Height 820mm 32.3in
18 Handlebar Height 1120mm 44.1in
19 Weight (Without Battery) 30.6kg 67.5lb
1 Effective Top Tube Length 620mm 24.4in
2 Seat Tube Length (Classic Bike Size) 470mm 18.5in
3 Reach 480mm 18.9in
4 Stack 670mm 26.4in
5 Chainstay Length 550mm 21.7in
6 Standover Height 750mm 29.5in
7 Head Angle 68° -
8 Seat Angle 71° -
9 Head Tube Length 200 mm 7.9 in
10 Fork Length 530mm 20.9in
11 Front Center 790mm 31.1in
12 BB (Bottom Bracket) Drop 90mm 3.5in
13 Fork Offset 40mm 1.6in
14 Wheelbase 1330mm 52.4in
15 Total Length 2040mm 80.3in
16 Max Seat Height 1010mm 39.8in
17 Min Seat Height 860mm 33.9in
18 Handlebar Height 1140mm 44.9in
19 Weight (Without Battery) 31.2kg 68.8lb
1 Effective Top Tube Length 630mm 24.8in
2 Seat Tube Length (Classic Bike Size) 520mm 20.5in
3 Reach 500mm 19.7in
4 Stack 630mm 24.8in
5 Chainstay Length 520mm 20.5in
6 Standover Height 760mm 29.9in
7 Head Angle 68° -
8 Seat Angle 71° -
9 Head Tube Length 200 mm 7.9 in
10 Fork Length 530mm 20.9in
11 Front Center 790mm 31.1in
12 BB (Bottom Bracket) Drop 80mm 3.1in
13 Fork Offset 30mm 1.2in
14 Wheelbase 1320mm 52in
15 Total Length 2040mm 80.3in
16 Max Seat Height 1080mm 42.5in
17 Min Seat Height 920mm 36.2in
18 Handlebar Height 1150mm 45.3in
19 Weight (Without Battery) 30.6kg 67.5lb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Timothy Hanson
Muscle Car of E-Bikes - Juggernaut XD Duo

I am impressed with my e-bike.
It is powerful, with power to spare.
I'm a big guy, but my new e-bike doesn't seem to notice.
The 11-speed gears when peddling shift smoothly, quietly and don't ever sound like the chain is going to jump to an adjoining sprocket. The brakes work well when needed. And the suspension gives me a comfortable low-shock ride over bumps.
Did I mention the power? I used to have a bagger motorcycle that would launch with a quick jersey on the throttle...this e-bike is no different. While riding I just feather the throttle and it responds. On my first tune-up ride I was peddling along on a slight downhill at about 15 mph. I gave a quick jerk to the throttle and the front wheel came off the ground. So, now I gently rotate the throttle when needed, and I rarely use more than 10 percent power.
I am very happy that I did the research to find a bike that can get me anywhere without getting off and walking, because I just can't peddle up the steep hills like when I was a young man.
I think I made the right choice of e-bike, and the concern about adequate power is no longer a concern.
If you want power, you'll get it with this e-bike. I would recommend this e-bike to anyone.

lon needles
XD bike

Seems fine.

Paul DiGiovanna

What I expected, powerful and fast. No disappointment. Great ride, Amazing motor. The unexpected, motor is very loud, bike is a bit heavier than I thought. Biktrix customer support has been first rate, very responsive. Overall outstanding.

Jimmy Butler no
Powerful but not sturdy enough

The bike is powerful as speak however a moment before hit a muddy puddle spot at 25-27 mph. The fork went right while handle bar went left and crashed on ground. Not like motorized dirt bike have two bolts connected to fork. Juggernaut XD Duo only has one bolt. Suggesting in the future for anew production line to have two bolts instead one bolt to handle a hard riding. The bike and I are fine. Just sore ribs



Eric Whitney
Amazing Beast of a bike!

What an extraordinary fun ebike! The power is there in an instant, and the comfort of the ride is just so smooth. I cannot say enough good things about this bike, and it is worth every dollar spent! I had to get a different axle to tow my trailer and when I ride with my trailer full. It’s like I have nothing behind my bike. Biktrix you did an awesome job with this bike!


Received the bike in perfect condition May 8, 2023, via Purolator. Assembly was quick and painless. Took a couple rides to get the hang of when to shift. The hills around here were a bit of a deterrent to go riding on my standard pedal bike. Now it's, hills are fun? Power on demand is awesome to say the least. Bike is exactly what I expected.

Although the package arrived in perfect condition, I see a couple areas packaging can be improved to reduce risk of damage.

Gerald Raade
Jaggernaut XD Duo.

Most fun I've ever had on the dirt. I ride everything dirt bikes, can am mavericks, yeti mountain bikes, BMX, electric skate boards, BMW s1000rr, That's a plate full. But this juggernaut xd DUO is the bomb. Your going downhill all the time even when your going up. Bliss. Your always going with the wind even when your against it. BLiss again. It's like an 80 LB dirt bike on 26 " tires. Even a purist cyclist can't argue with this review.

Doug Siemon
This bike is extremely powerful

I've never ridden an e-bike quite like this. I have the second model of 6 produced as a showroom model, and this thing is very powerful. There is no doubt that this bike would ride completely vertical hills and on parking garage ceilings if that were even possible outside the laws of physics. As an avid mountain bike rider, this bike gives you a spectrum of power from being a casual street rider, to tearing up any trail imaginable. This is a bike you only have to buy once and never need another one again! Well done to the guys at Biktrix for producing a remarkable unmatched bike. :)