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Impressive, classic, robust, capable, fat eBike

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"The quality of this bike is very good. I am totally impressed with this bike. It would climb a tree if it could hold on. 24 mph throttle feels very stable. Great bike buy it!"
- Randy

Juggernaut Classic 9

The Juggernaut Classic 9 eBike is our entry-level fat tire electric all-terrain bike. With a powerful mid-drive motor and plenty of torque to climb hills, charge tough terrain, and speed down streets. Robust, capable, and affordable.

product features

RST Guide Suspension

80mm of travel with preload and lockout.

Integrated Headlight

The bright, bike battery-powered, LED is controlled on the handlebar control pad.

Rack & Fenders

These fenders will keep both you and your bike clean. Strap on the rack and go!

LCD Display

With the LCD display, monitor your speed, battery life, range, odometer, pedal assist level, and more.

750W Mid-Drive Motor

Powerful 750W rated, 1200W (peak) motor will let you roam cities, climb hills, and explore with ease.

3" or 4" Fat Tires

Sand, mud and snow are no problem for these tires. The Juggernaut Classic 9 is for all-season, all-terrain riding.

Throttle & Control Pad

Use the thumb throttle to engage the motor and enjoy the ride. The control pad turns the bike on/off and adjusts settings.

Removable 48V Battery

Twist a key to unlock your lithium-ion
battery to take it off the bike. Select from 3 sizes of batteries that
fit the same frame.

8 Speed Transmission

The Shimano 8-speed serves whether you are climbing hills or going maximum speed on the flats.

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

All Sizes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
C J Batson
5 Mile Ride

Took a 5 mile ride today up hill, down hill, through creeks and mud. Went up some steep rocky hills in each PAS level and for the hills I was on PAS 3 was the best. Going uphill is much better than downhill. Coming downhill I was on both brakes most of the time so I could go slow enough to pick my path. If I let off the brakes it was like being on a run away horse. No problems crossing the shallow creeks. Did have the rear wheel slide a few times due to ground thawing. What normally took me 2 hours to hike probablly took 20 minutes to ride.

Patrick Douglas
Love the bike. Support superb

I have clocked 28 miles the first week and feel like a kid again. Great workout for old man with knee surgery. Love that it rides like a real Mtn bike. Only issue is the crank arm came loose. Tightened it and after a couple mile loose again. Contacted support they requested a video and saw it was missing a part. They are sending the part and tools to fix it.

Great bike

About 100 miles on it so far, and I love it. Fast and fun to ride. Being able to use the motor throughout all the gears is great on all the hills in my area. Riding it involves a lot of attention to the controls though because it rides more like a mountain bike. If you want an easy electric riding experience without having to shift and always think about what gear you're in than this isn't the model for you.

Richard Revis
Juggernaut Jumpin

Bike is as sturdy as a horse! Rode 25 miles yesterday and barely broke a sweat 😎. Bike is really fast, almost too powerful😎

Jack Downes
After 40 miles, I like the bike

Okay, I'm new to e-bikes, and really haven't ridden a regular bike in about 20 years. I'm 40+, and wanted a shortcut to getting back into riding. This bike makes me feel young and stupid again! It really is fun, but for the big hills, I wish it had lower gearing. Has only a 36 tooth max gear, I'm looking to change the gears. I got the 21" frame, and replaced the factory seat and post with a thudbuster and cushion seat after the fact. My weight is 260lbs, I'm 6'2", and this bike with the thudbuster on it is a perfect fit at it's lowest setting. Could have gotten away with a 19" frame, but quite happy with what i've got. Battery lasted to 47 miles when it showed 19% and I put it back on charge. Not bad considering the hills I've been climbing. Overall, bike is fun, price isn't too bad, and it's quiet enough. I'm going to look into changing the gears so that I can climb steep hills more easily. I know it's work regardless, it's just the gears are too tall right now. Bike goes through water fine, but I'd be wary of going over the motor in water height as the battery connectors seem to be low to me. Running tires at 10 psi, it allows me to 'stump-jump' the logs laying over the path without issue. I've had a great time on this bike navigating very narrow trails. When I first got it, it felt tippy... to tall or something, but getting a nice seat on it solved the entire issue for me. Thanks for taking the time to make a good bike, it's nice it's made in Canada as well!

Ski Craigmile

nice bike

Graham Guerin-mcparlon

Best e-bike ever gets me to and from work and still has almost full battery. Its given me so much freedom to go anywhere i want in the city just like a car only even better cause no gas/insurance payments

Conroy Koop

Juggernaut Classic 8

Brad Brookes
Juggernaut Classic

If you like riding bike in the least, get one of these bike and you will ride all the time. Great bikes. Way better than my friends Rad Rover, lots of power and tons of range.👍🏻👍🏻

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