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Juggernaut HD Duo Spare Parts

Keep riding on with our large selection of spare parts. Use the filtering system to find the right part for your eBike and leave any compatibility worries in the dust.

Juggernaut HD Duo | Spare Parts
94 Products Found
94 Products Found
2-Bike Hitch Rack

2-Bike Hitch Rack

Sale price$399 USD
26x4 Chaoyang MTB Tires Takeoff
Save $20
** Unstudded Tire

26x4.8" Fat Tire (Vee Snow Shoe XL)

Sale price$109 USD Regular price$129 USD
Choose Options
27.5x2.8 - Schwalbe MOTO X Tires
27.5x3 - EVO Knotty Tire
27.5x3 - Maxxis High Roller Tire
27.5x3 Tervail Coronado Tire
Accessory Extension Mount
Adjustable 31.8mm Stem

Adjustable 31.8mm Stem

Sale price$42 USD
bafand y splitter cable
bafang gear sensor

Bafang Gear Sensor

Sale price$30 USD
ultra programming cable
Bar Mitts

Bar Mitts

Sale price$85 USD
bafang bbs02 umbilical

BBS02 BBSHD Umbilical

Sale price$50 USD
Biktrix A-Bars

Biktrix A-Bars

Sale price$120 USD
Biktrix GP2 Comfort Grips
Biktrix GP3 Comfort Grips

Biktrix GP3 Comfort Grips

Sale price$29.95 USD
Biktrix Wide Comfort Saddle
Brake Fittings - 5.5mm Tektro
Save $121
Canvas Pannier Bags

Canvas Pannier Bags

Sale price$59 USD Regular price$180 USD
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Save $15
Cell Phone Mount

Cell Phone Mount

Sale price$30 USD Regular price$45 USD
Class stickers

Class stickers

Sale price$20 USD
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Crank Arm Bolt - BBS02/BBSHD
Degreaser Component Cleaner
Gooseneck Adjustable 31.8mm Stem
Hafny HF-152 Premium Comfort Grips
Hafny HF-600 Comfort Grips

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