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a smooth, swift ride.

The Biktrix Swift commuter eBike combines speed, comfort & control all at an affordable price. The Bafang hub-motor is simple and reliable, requiring little maintenance. The Swift is an efficient, easy, and cost-friendly way to get where you need to go.

everything you need.

Front Suspension Fork

The Suntour suspension fork helps deliver the smooth ride that the Swift is known for.

Integrated Headlight

This bright LED light is powered by the bike's battery and can be turned on/off with a button on the handlebar control pad.

Rack & Fenders

These fenders will keep you and your bike clean. Need to carry some gear? Strap on the rear rack and make your way!

Multiple Wheel Sizes

With 26” and 700C wheels available, the Swift Step-thru can fit a variety of riders.

500W Bafang Hub-Motor

Reliability is the important aspect of a commuter bike, that's why the Swift Step-Thru is powered by the tried-and-true 500W Bafang hub-motor.

Thumb Throttle & Control Pad Display

Monitor your ride with the 500c display and control pad. The throttle turns this thing into a motorbike with the push of your thumb. No need to pedal, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Removable 48V Lithium-Ion Battery

Our batteries are convenient, just twist the key and bring your battery inside to charge. Multiple capacity options are available to suit your range needs.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

When it's so easy to go fast, you need strong stopping power. These hydraulic disc brakes will quickly and reliably bring you to a halt.

Shimano Alivio 9-Speed Drivetrain

From climbing hills to holding maximum speed on the flats Shimano 9-speed drivetrain has you covered.

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Bruce Simpson

Swift Step-Thru 2

Angela Alward

Love my new bike

Heather Harwood

Love it! I upgraded this year from the Swift Light to a Swift, and the increase in power and longevity is amazing. I enjoyed the Swift Light so much that I put 2,700 km on it last year. Now, I'm hoping to do as much, or more with this new one. Love riding it. It flattens the hills and opens up the whole city and beyond for me. The service was very, very good at Biktrix.

Susan Jay
It is, THE bike!

The big day came with the arrival of the large bike box, opened it up...no manual...no battery. First thought, is this a bad sign? In your mid 70 s one is somewhat conditioned to following the ' how to' step by step instructions in a hand held manual. Yes, you could say my husband and I are 'luddites'! But, we could solve this and thanks to the excellent web site for Biktrix with step by step videos, we were able to put the Swift Step-Thru 2 together. After a phone call we were informed that the battery was on its way from another location. Although I have been a bike rider all my life I was a little intimidated by the addition of 'power' but after a brief lesson from an experienced (electric bike) rider, I soon felt totally at ease and confident on my new set of wheels. It is everything I expected and more.. I highly recommend this product and the great support team who are available to problem solve. My "knees" say thank you for their new freedom going up hills without pain. Love my Fire Truck red beast. submitted by Susan Jay , Kitimat, BC

Peter Cashmore
Great Bike.. my wife loves it !

She really liked the size and feel of the smaller frame, more comfortable than others than others she'd tried ..and we both love their stock seats. She finds a thumb throttle much more to her liking than a twist and good hand support from the grips.
When I ride the bike, it definitely seemed to have more torque that other 500w bikes I've tried and feels really solid but much lighter than my Hub Duo. Couple that with Biktrix being a Canadian company with their own stores and amazing staff.. I'm confident this bike will get all the support it needs. The guys at the Vancouver store are fantastic .. Thanks again ..

Karl Widak
Liking my 2nd Biktrix!

We are now proud owners of a Biktrix Stunner X / his, and a Swift Step-Thru 2 / hers. Beginning to go further and FASTER than we ever have before! K & S from Southeast Michigan. Looking forward to the Holland MI bike trails with both of us on our eBikes.

william mueller

Great experience with biktrix they are great fun bikes they are awesome, awesome customer service, purchased 2 of them🙂

Delaine Paterson

Good bike

Dan Petrie
Best electric bikes on the market

This is my fourth bike from bike tricks you can't go wrong for quality and price

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