Electric Bikes for Sale in Denver

If you hail from Denver, you will probably already be familiar with rolling hills and mountains in the distance. Maybe you once used to ride up and down those rolling plains on your mountain bike but now you feel you could just do with a bit more oomph. Introducing Biktrix, the newest online electric bike shop for Denver residents. Read More

33 Products Found
33 Products Found
Save $1,550
Swift Step-Thru 2 Special


Step-Thru 2 Special
Sale price$1,849 Regular price$3,399
Swift Lite 3 Step-Thru

Swift Lite 3

Sale price$1,299

6-speed Shimano

350W Rear-Hub

Up to 20mi


5'3 and up

265lb Capacity

35Nm Torque

700Cx52C, 24x2.125, 26x2.2 Tires

Cadence Sensor

On-Demand Throttle

Juggernaut Classic Duo Step-Thru

9-Speed Shimano

750W Mid-Drive

Up To 90mi




120Nm Torque

26x4, 27.5x3, 24x4 Tires

Cadence Sensor

On-Demand Throttle

Juggernaut Hub Duo Small Step-Thru

9-Speed Shimano

750W Rear-Drive

Up To 90mi




80Nm Torque

20x4 Tires

Cadence + Torque Sensor

On-Demand Throttle

Swift Step-Over 2 Special
Monte Capro Ultra 2

Monte Capro Ultra 2

Sale price$5,999

11-Speed SRAM

1000W Ultra Mid-Drive

Up To 36mi




160Nm Torque

26x4, 27.5x3 Tires

Cadence + Torque Sensor

On-Demand Throttle

Coming Soon
Swift X
**Bright Red Powdered Coated

11 Speed SRAM

1000W Mid-Drive

Up To 55mi

Up To 1200wh



160Nm Torque

27.5x3, 26x4, 26x4.8 Tires

Cadence + Torque Sensor

On-Demand Throttle

Save $1,300
Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3 Step-Thru Sale

Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3

Step-Thru Sale
Sale price$3,499 Regular price$4,799

Meet Biktrix – Some of the best Electric Bikes for Sale in Denver

Before you start googling Denver eBikes for sale online, there are a few things we should share.

What is an electric bike or eBike? Imagine a regular bike frame specially designed to have a small electric engine that will kick in when you need it. They have already taken Europe and Asia by storm and are set to claim North America as their own.

So, who gets about on an eBike? The answer is everyone you can imagine. In Asia and Europe, most bike owners will purchase an eBike rather than a standard bike. The reason? The versatility and practicality as a means of exercise and transport. Many people might use their bike to commute to the office, so time is a consideration. With the addition of the electric motor not just in moped-style electric bikes, but all our commuters can cut their commute time in half. Of course, they still get the benefits of exercising, but they arrive at the office or home fresh and ready for the next thing. eBikes can make cycling up hills almost effortless, which is great if you are lucky enough to live with beautiful mountainous views. If you are looking for electric bikes for sale in Denver, you should look at Biktrix.

The Evolution of Biktrix eBikes from Canada to Denver

When our founder discovered eBikes in Europe, he was instantly a fan. He saw how easily they could be incorporated into everyday life for all the family. He decided to build his own as a hobby in his garage with a conversion kit imported from Asia. Even this rudimentary prototype was attracting a lot of attention as he cycled around Saskatoon, and he saw there was a real niche in the market for a stylish, efficient eBike.

Biktrix was born after a highly successful crowdfunding campaign in 2014 and this company has just gone from strength to strength. If you go to your local electric bike shop in Denver, you’d probably be able to pick up an imported electric bike that was mass-produced somewhere in Asia. But if you want the crème de la crème of electric bikes, you need Biktrix.

Choose Biktrix if You Want Denver eBikes for Sale Online

Biktrix HQ is located in Saskatoon, Canada and has showrooms across Canada. For our American cousins, we offer the same Biktrix quality online so feel free to shop for your electric bike in San Antonio from Denver online as you would a physical store. Check out our site, with its handy tool to help you decide which bike is the most suitable for you. Our models are updated and refined with every iteration, helping Biktrix stay at the head of the eBike revolution. They are also customizable, so you can really put your stamp on your new eBike. Designed and assembled on-site in Saskatoon, your eBike will soon be on its way to you by air freight.

What if you want to go to an electric bike shop in Denver to try before you buy? Biktrix has it covered. Visit our site to show a map of our Biktrix ambassadors. You can reach out to our partners, arrange a time to view their Biktrix bike and maybe even sneak in a test drive before you decide.

Think global inspiration, North American design and quality. Visit our site today to see how Biktrix can revolutionize your life!

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