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Stunner-X (in stock and shipping)

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The Stunner-X is a new class of off-road cruiser. With a powerful 750W mid drive and classic styling, this is the as comfortable as an on/off road bike gets. Perfect for street and a bit of trails. The 120Nm torque from the motor will make sure you speed up any hill in your path.

Stunner-X comes with throttle-on-demand and Cadence/PAS (Pedal Assist Sensor). As you pedal, the motor measures how often you're pedaling and helps you proportionally. You can boost motor performance by setting assist levels between 1 to 5 levels where level 1 gives you least assist but most range while level 5 gives you maximum assist and least range.

The mid-motor makes this bike very versatile. Swap the 26x4" wheels with 27.5x3" wheels to make it a great commuter or trail bike.

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