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BBSHD Bafang 48V 1000W motor kit

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This is a DIY Bafang BBSHD motor kit that puts out 1000W of nominal power

Note that batteries are on pre-order as we are currently sold out. Batteries ship in 3 weeks.

This BBSHD is the ultimate electric motor you can buy for your ebike in the market today!
The specification of the new BBSHD includes a 12 fet Controller (30A), with a choice of bottom bracket widths available. The motor structure is larger than the BBS02. 
The Bafang BBSHD Mid-Drive kit includes the following. The standard controller settings are 30A, but it can be de-tuned in software to lower values:
  • Motor with integrated controller.
  • 46T chainwheel and pedal arms (does not include pedals). We recommend a relatively small chainwheel is used if the kit will be used in hilly areas. 
  • Waterproof interconnecting cabling.
  • ANDERSON connectors waterproof
  • Pair of ebrakes for cable pull brakes 
  • C961 display
  • The kit can only be used on a 48V batterry or thereabouts. It absolutely cannot be used with a 36V battery (41V LVC), or any battery with a charge voltage of 60V or more. There are options for either either 13S Li Ion 47/48V batteries, or 14S Li Ion 50V Batteries.



We are able to adjust the controller software. There are also many user adjustable settings available in the display. The BBSHD is a more powerful version of the BBS02, it has a larger motor structure, which can deliver higher power levels than the smaller BBS02 and a larger 12 fet controller. See below links to view documentation on the kit and display.
The standard settings are as follows:
  • 30A or 25A according to the chosen option.
  • LVC (low voltage cut) 41V or 43V.
  • number of assist levels are adjustable by the display.
  • wheel size can be adjusted from the display.
  • speed limit can be set via the display (varies according to display type), it is not possible to completely remove the speed limit, but you could set the wheel size to be smaller than it really is, to trick the kit into measuring a lower speed and effectively increase the speed limit. Of course the indicated speed will no longer be correct and this 500W kit is only really powerful enough to reach speeds in the region of 50km/h on the flat.

Battery options:

48V 11.6Ah:  These batteries are suitable for 48V systems. These are made with Panasonic PF cells in a 13 series, 4 parallel configuration


52V 14Ah:  These are made with Panasonic/Sanyo GA cells in a 14 series, 4 parallel configuration. The advantage of a 52V over a 48V system is that when the battery is almost empty, the voltage drop won't be as low as a 48V battery, so you will notice more usable range out of a 52V battery. That being said, the drawback of a 52V system is that a lot of 48V motor manufacturers may void warranty if used on a 52V system.


52V 17.5Ah: These are made with Panasonic/Sanyo GA cells in a 14 series, 5 parallel configuration.


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