Carbon Electric Fat Bikes

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1 Products Found
1 Products Found
Monte Capro Ultra 2

Monte Capro Ultra 2

Sale price$5,999

11-Speed SRAM

1000W Ultra Mid-Drive

Up To 36mi




160Nm Torque

26x4, 27.5x3 Tires

Cadence + Torque Sensor

On-Demand Throttle

Carbon Electric Fat Bike

Mountain bikers and thrill-seekers everywhere love a fat tire bike. These wide tires were created to take you where people don’t usually go, traversing over snow, sand and almost anything else in their way. Do you want to take your biking adventures to a completely new level? A fat bike might be right for you. Combine that with the quality and riding experience of a carbon bike, and the extra assistance you get with any electric bike, a carbon fat tire electric bike is the perfect choice for those looking to get off the beaten track on their bicycle.

Why Choose a Fat Tire Carbon Bike?

Carbon fiber has become a favorite for bicycles of quality you can rely on. It’s made up of the conjoining of thin, strong fibers and was previously used in motor sports and aerospace. Why should it be the material you choose when you’re looking for a new electric custom bike? Here are just some of the reasons.

  • You get an unmatched riding experience with the perfect combination of stiffness, comfort, strength and efficiency, making for a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Carbon has a high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning even small and light bikes are strong and powerful
  • It’s a lightweight material, making your bike easier to move around and maneuver
  • Carbon bikes are very strong and durable and can take a hit or two without significant damage, which is excellent for those who will be putting their bikes through a lot out on the trails

Is a Fat Tire Carbon Bike Right for You?

A lot of cyclists love the fat tires, but they’re definitely not for all riders. These wide tires were designed for snow, sand, mud, rocks and other difficult terrains. They can be great fun, but they’re not really suitable for everyday transportation. If you’re the type of mountain biker who prefers to stick to conventional trails, an electric fat tire carbon bike isn’t going to be your best option, and a regular mountain bike will ride much better. However, if you’d like to be able to bike into the winter months and get off the beaten path, a fat tire bike sounds like it would probably be a great choice for you.

If you don’t think the fat tire is right for you, there’s no need to worry. Our large range of eBikes at Biktrix ensures that there’s another option that will suit your riding plans.

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