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Inverted Suspension Air Fork BF-34RC

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Presenting to you, the most affordable inverted suspension fork on the market today - Biktrix BF-34RC.

Here it is, the custom Biktrix inverted suspension fork with 140mm travel. This air spring fork has a preload adjustment on the bottom of the lower left leg. The top of the right leg is the compression adjustment with 8 clicks until lockout. The bottom of the right leg is rebound adjustment with 11 clicks.

This fork is a substantial upgrade over RST Guide or any other suspension fork in the entry-mid level category.

Hub spacing is 150x15mm thru-axle with 160mm PS disc brake. 

Wheel Size:  26x3 to 4 (possibly larger, depending on the tire), 27.5x3
Weight: 3.01kgs (6.6lbs)
Adjustment:  Lockout, rebound, air pressure
1 ⅛ x 10” (25.4 cm)
150 x 15mm
Post Mount 160 mm
Stanchion: 34 mm hard-anodized aluminum
Travel: 100 mm

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