Biktrix A-Bars

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The Biktrix A-Bars are a cruiser-style handlebar upgrade for our Juggernaut line of eBikes. The swept-back design provides an upright riding position with multiple comfortable hand positions so you can enjoy further and more frequent rides!

Fits bikes with a 31.8mm clamping area.

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Biktrix Review as a first time ebike purchaser

Of all the more than 50 companies of online bikes available, I searched them all (for months!) and Biktrix bike design, personalized customization, and service (email, messages, phone calls) beat all the competition. I really enjoy my Ultra 1000 (with A bars, quad brakes, thudbuster ) for its comfortable ride and power when I need it. Glad to recommend Biktrix. If you inquire their website and make an apptmnt to do a virtual session
with one of their people, you'll understand what its all about!!

Nice and comfortable

First things first, I'm tall (about 6'2) but also have had previous back problems. Comfort is not only something I desire but truly something I need, otherwise I can be out of commission for several days. I bought the A-bars with my Juggernaut Ultra (having used a straight handle bar on another bike I own) on a whim, hoping it would provide that extra comfort for my rides. For reference, a typical ride for me is 15-30 miles, and I do that 3-4 times per week.

So yes, the A-bars are comfortable. They sweep back towards you, almost like a beach cruiser handlebar but look far more modern and cool. I've gotten a couple of compliments on the look alone.

I did have to raise the bar a bit, which required me to buy a handlebar stem extender. I just prefer a more upright riding position and being tall, well, that just makes it easier.

All and all, if you prefer a more relaxed style ride while still looking modern (and a bit fierce), the A-bars are an excellent choice!

A-Bars on altra duo

I am very happy . A-bars ar very comfortable for me as I have uper back Issues Thay allow me to sit upright i also reversed the adjustable stim backwards also the bars allow for mounting accessories phone mount with out the need for accessory bar and thay have the stealth look i do recommend A-bars for many reasons thank you Eddy and Biktrix

A bars make it really comfortable

The a bars make the riding position more upright and take some weight off of my hands, the extra loop also allows for more mounting options.

Biktix A-Bars

4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Could easily be 5 if it has some line markings & Biktrix logos 😉

Biktrix A-Bars

These Bars have more real estate up front than regular bars. They help keep me from over-stretching, and offer a few different hand positions on long rides.

The beast with A Bars

Better fit than standard bars, can get a bit sore after 10 plus mile due to wrist postions. Quality is good, and it's the best choice I could find for upright riding postion.


Hav3 not used them yet but are as thought.

A Bar

Bought this for my new Jug HDuo based on other comments in forum. Not a mistake for me. I am 75 yrs of age and this allows a better riding position for me and my low back. Thank you!