Biktrix Juggernaut Classic Featured in Esquire

Biktrix juggernaut classic featured in esquire
best off-road electric bike

Our best-selling mid-drive electric bike, the Juggernaut Classic, was recently featured on Esquire's website. Here is what they had to say:

"If you're riding through the mud, you want to be riding something called the Juggernaut. This behemoth of a bike may not tear through a city commute, but in the great outdoors, it comes alive. As a review on the Biktrix site says, “This bike would climb a tree if I could hold on,” and honestly we agree. The tires and handling in the most slippery off-roading conditions are unparalleled, and with its E-bike capabilities, you can easily reach 24 mph or get an assist through thicker, harder-to-pedal terrain. The Juggernaut makes sure you're covered for whatever off-roading throws at you."

- Cameron Sherrill, Esquire, 2021

Here is a video to explain more on the Juggernaut Classic all-terrain electric bike! Buy the Classic here.

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